The Basics of Robotics

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This lesson uncovers the basic structure and function of robots based on the design of Cubelets – educational, robotic toys developed by Modular Robotics.


Novial Riptide says:


Huan Nguyen says:

This guy drags his video to 10 minutes by playing musics and random clips. Smh

Build says:

Woww Even Robot Hate Books…


how much are they and how can i get them

Chris Hunter says:

This actually inspired me to go to work on robotics engineering when I get to college

tirath shakla says:

Whats the name of this technology and where from can i buy this

Mayank Parashar says:

that is impressive guys

SwarthySkinnedOne says:

Bullshit! The damn thing comes up to the rug and go boomp! "A duuhh can't go no mo' Mr boss man."

With all the junk I go piled up, I'd be better off to work that. More cost effective too.

USBEN says:

Man those toys are boring , arduino is the way to go .

Alex Nguyen says:

Cool Bro… ^.^

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