Amazing Singer Gets Mel B’s GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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Watch the amazing audition of singer Amanda Mena on America’s Got Talent 2018. Watch as she gets the golden buzzer from Mel B. What did you think of her audition?? Let us know in the comments below…

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Tayo Sangoremi says:

superstar and lovely voice

Rustam Razzagov says:

Please, watch my videos and subscribe to my channel. It will be interesting to you 🙂

Rustam Razzagov says:

Please, watch my videos and subscribe to my channel. It will be interesting to you 🙂

DJ No Name says:

The fake smile on her mother face tells it all

AlexS says:

Q mierda de programa acabo de ver esto es una retrasades

van deanvar says:

She doesn't deserve golden buzzer

Stephanie Winters says:

I didn't think she should have gotten the Golden buzzer. it was an OK audition

Chad Denver Dannang says:

First she got bullied and now shes has fame

Caelan Powers says:

I can NOT believe her voice it's amazing

THE LEGENDARY Darkness_flows says:

I think she turned into A freaking angel singing. She had a wonderful voice. Also her voice gave me chills down my spine. I wish i could be on America has talent.

Subliminaltechpro says:

who else had enough of those pathetic stories they tell before they sing?

Eva Unicorns says:


Miley onDisney says:

Mel B. Is an old, ugly, rancid cow.

Vasilikis Beauty Tips says:

She is so talented! I hope she wins!

Anton Kirchhoff says:

she protec
she atk
But most importantly:

She has a boo hoo back story which gets her the golden buzzer

Donna Hill says:

I love her and her voice, she sang that song beautifully. Great job my dear. Thanks for sharing this awesome video of a very talented young woman. ☺☺


Goose Bumps. My Horse Got Goose Bumps.

kennedy mwangi says:

She is amazing

TheWeegan says:

yea that's me when I sing karaoke when I am alone XD

Ishika Dhawan call girl subscribe and meet me says:

Amazing wow nice voice

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