Things People With Chronic Pain Wish Others Would Stop Saying

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People with chronic pain shared the things people shouldn’t say to them, and what they should say instead.

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Banshee owo says:

I can Heavily relate on 0:08 "You're too young to have chronic pain!" aka child arthritis and Chronic Pain from my POTS.

EatPrayLive with FibroMyWhat says:

Oh my goodnessssssss. This is so true. Thank you for caring this video. #chronicpainawareness

Mike M says:

Be careful taking those pain pills,don’t get hooked. Or it’s all in your mind !!

Chelsea Evans says:

" at least it's not cancer it could be heaps worse" always gets me

Hannah miall says:

This hits home :((

Marousa M says:

The one with the pills though

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