MYTH VS HAMLINZ IN RUN 3! Cool Math Games Moments

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What up, today we have TSM Myth playing against his teammate TSM Hamlinz, this time not in fortnite, but in the notorious school game Run 3, that is on Cool Math Games. They attempted the Winter Games challenge and whoever completed it first won.
Credit: (Feel Free To Message Me and It’ll Instantly Get Taken Down Brother Myth)
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Fortnite Fever says:

Anyone else remember this game that everyone used to play in school… WHAT OTHER GAMES DID YOU GUYS PLAY IN SCHOOL? For me it was Run 2 and the OG Friv games.

Alex Andrade says:

Who played friv and coolmath in school

Christiano Bouillon says:

The memories of playing cool math 4 kids because the teacher thought it was a learning website.

I Will Steal Yo Memes says:

I got pissed when my school blocked this game on the computers

CreatorEiki GD says:

Run 3 TSM house

Adam Adjerid says:

Take a shot every time he says brudder

Valentin Varela salazar says:

I still play it cause I am in 5th but I pass so going to six good mems

ɴᴜɢɢれʊggモ匕 says:

These nibbas childish xD

Djjosh128 says:

All you hear on the keyboard

clik clank clank wop blap bonk slap cling clang chip boop

James Lewis says:

I really REALLY wanna see myth and hamlins go head to head in the game called "give up" I think that would be the funniest think ever.

I’m oG says:

bruh I just played run 1,2, and 3 in school

Wolf Dashk9 says:

Myth even try hards on run 3


Lmao they blocked cool math at my school

Jackfqm says:

“ Brother “

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