Palm Massager – Accupuncture – Physical Therapy

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Fast Eddie says:

Place the pads a little lower on your chest and they will work better.

rockysikander says:


alexander colo menjivar says:

the same to me i paid 175 dollars

Thadeus Powell says:

Could this be used before like a 100 meter race precompetition

Lawrence Dumas says:

Guys I work for the Company in a Mall in Houston Tx….If You purchase on line be careful because there are many replicas on line that aren't FDA approved…. The device above uses a very minimum amount of voltage and sends pulses thru the body and has settings for strength from 1-20 w 20 being the highest….also there is a automatic reset mechanism when you switch between massage modes for your safety…. The price you pay for the device will be worth the results you get….I have great deals at my store but I'm not here to sale I'm here to inform…..These devices have a lifetime warranty that you can come back into the store at anytime and replace or you ship it off directly to the manufacturer but you will be required to pay shipping and handling….Wouldn't you prefer to purchase from someone face to face verses online when it comes to a device thats sends electric pulses thru your body that way you have documentation and can hold some responsible that's in the same city as you…

Rick emedi says:

I got mine off groupon for 39.99 plus a combo shoes for 49.99

Austin Kim says:

Does it hurt? i sprayed my ankle and there is tension in my arm, i just wondered if it hurts or if it feels pain

Samuth Phka says:

Of course you can buy them way cheaper on amazon, but that does not mean you are getting what your paying for can be just a copy of non FDA approved product might cause electrocution or not even work at all. Might cost a bit more at the mall but at least it's legit and works! If something goes wrong with the device they do offer warranty at the location free of charge plus the manufacturer warranty.

StardustSpaceMonkey says:

Guys do not use EMS on pectorial muscles. Electricity goes to heart and you may end up with cardiac arrest.

Ricky Hernandez says:

I got mine on Amazon for $25

kis9009 says:

40 dollars and groupon and 200. @ the mall

Brandon Beardsley says:

Were you moving at all in this video?

Mr. Avery says:

I brought one in mall and paid $100 and I'm very satisfied. I take it to work with me everyday and had I known I would've brought one years ago.

新生V says:

My mom got this yesterday at the mall for about triple the price you can get it on amazon right now. The guy was so nice and I love him to death but i'm really upset that we got rippped off because we don't have a lot of money to spend at all. You said that you don't think that it's giving you a workout, and perhaps the setting you were using wasn't, BUT the guy at the mall said specifically that one can use it for a workout. Which makes sense if you think about it. Really great product though!

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