my 600ib life – Dottie 600ibs there really is weight loss after gastrectomy / weight loss channel

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– Heartwrenching stories from TLC, as we meet Dottie, a mom who just ate and ate and ate, and is still eating, as it is her addictive behavior towards food that has her imprisoned inside her frame.

Tonight at 9/8c, first we meet Dottie who loves being a mom, but weighing well over 600-lbs has her on the verge of leaving her two children as orphans, as she is now at risk for early death.

She agrees to a drastic new diet, but her child’s life-threatening emergency, and her ingrained bad habits self-sabotage her efforts, and this will threaten any chance for weight-loss.
my 600ib life – Dottie 600ibs, there really is weight loss after gastrectomy
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lindalovesmusic1 says:

I thought this was an update. Clickbait.

Brandon Roberts says:

Them kids will end up fucked up cuz of many of these fucks.they are inconsiderate selfish prixs

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