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When people found these animals frozen solid and trapped in ice, they dropped everything to bring them back to life. As we say goodbye to winter – let’s take a look at some incredible frozen animal rescues!

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Pandas 4Life says:

This is so beautiful, who the heck would dislike this!

Barrels says:

y am i crying

Utaha - Senpai says:

Imagine ur hand stuck on the ground for 1 hour is already terrifyinh

Murp Hurp says:

"Давай эту хуйню"

Mr.Chilly Gamer says:

all pass through all these videos I seem to cry harder each time

Miss Hearty Heart says:

I cried a bit on that doggy who has hyperthermia

Framework Jet says:

Amazing moments! Thank you, all the heroes!!!!!!

Kira Thomson says:

this made me cry

Leinel Nunez says:

they are so kind! they are saving animals!

dil ally says:

I cried watching this

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