The Three Most Important Skills Of A Web Designer

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Be better to get better.

DevTips is a YouTube show about web design and development.

“HTML5 Basics” Playlist:

“CSS Basics” Playlist:

“How to build a professional website from start to finish” Playlist:


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Дмитрий Алексеев says:


Bodya Hvozdyk says:

This is the most original, the most powerful video I've seen, thank you Travis

Sagar Kumar says:

Dear Travis, I am watching this video in 2018 and I wanna thank you from my heart for this video. As I am trying to enter into the industry of #Webdesign it would definitely help me a lot in present and also in the future. Love you Travis <3

Abdul Roshan says:

This is great.. Thanks Travis..

Andrii Choboriak says:

Thank you, Travis! Deep impressed by your speech

Martin Mukoya says:

Hey Travis i am a big fan, I am learning from you a lot. I stay in a place where internet is not always available so i always download for offline, my drive is loaded with your channel vids.

hey could you show us how and what you use to record your vids. they are owesome!

Martin Mukoya says:

This is great DevTips

EpicKingdom_ says:

Stop talking like this.

Nstiseo says:

First and foremost: He needs to be Gay!

<the end>

e-Definers Technology says:

Want to learn more about the skills a web designer should have, watch the video-

Rania design says:

I am trying to be professional and I am not sure if I am on the right path or not. But I will keep going. Thanks for great Video. I like your scarf by the way

soufiane amabraa says:

thank you, I know its old video but it real priceless

Adam Johnson says:

What are you using for lighting and backdrop? Nice and soft lighting!

Adrian Francis Mariano says:

Vsauce here!

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