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Hey Design champions! In today’s episode of making design stuffs, I continue working on a website redesign for Spark Squared. I finalize the first round for the main page of the website and create an extra page to showcase the projects the company has completed. After I finished laying out the design of the website, I went back through and changed up the colors and layout a little bit to make it more modern and clean. I also increased the contrast by having solid black text on a white background. I’m going to be creating the entire website design in photoshop and creating separate mobile designs for the website as well. After making progress on the website design I hope you guys enjoy the process and thanks so much for being here!

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The Forest And The Trees Kevin MacLeod (
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Janjan Alcala says:

Hey zim! You're my inspiration when it comes on designing, I like the way you make your tutorials so much fun! Keep it up bro and Godbless!

Joseph Deese says:

I am currently a Graphic Design Major and I was wondering what your opinion was on websites like Wix that make it easy for normal people to get "professional" websites and logos. I think it's a bad thing for Designers everywhere.

Darwin Satombo says:

Can you try to create some logos using Golden ratio?

Dikshan Peiris says:

Hi, I have watch many videos of you. are you a freelancer ? from where you get logo design orders? id appreciate if you reply . thank you

Ali Ahmed says:

Why you stop making videos.

Betsy Parsons says:

Today I saw the first video from your long list of videos demonstrating logo designs challenge #19. I have been working with some ikky company and they still don't have it right …we started with the in december and was supposed to launch in April 2018. It still hasn't happened. I wish the company had your talents. I have been so bummed out for months I almost don't want to start the business. I have learned a great designer can make your business and if course the other way arround with poor design. Long story…but thanks for such great content! From – Today's Rider: the face of today's bikers —– women around the world enjoying the adventure on two wheels.

正常 says:

If you’ve already gone to college can I ask what degree you got?

Tusharkona says:

zimri….. you are a real genious
quite funny too:)

Silvir says:

Your eyes are beautiful!

Carlos Daniel Ruiz Cuenca says:

Zimri???? I didn't get your notification

Mike Katholnig says:

How can I become a client of yours?

канал якова says:

Thom Yorke of design

Shaon Shan says:

Thank you for the great presentation for website design! I provide landing page design services too. Here is the link, feel free to contact :

Shlappydo says:

Hey, do you think you could do a tutorial sort of thing over like simple outlines of people? Like the PHFAT x MAC MOTEL album "Keep You Safe." Like pretty neat outlines. Keep up with this Q U A L I T Y content. <3

Miguel Rosa says:

the fact that you do all of this in Photoshop gives me anxiety

Muhammad Hadyan says:

I want you on next avenger movie as the spider-boi

Iwona Kapturkiewicz says:

omg why are you so funny!!

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