BREAKING NEWS: Spain SACK coach Lopetegui 1 day before World Cup! + 2026 World Cup hosts announced!

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Onefootball Daily News is here to bring you the best bitesized football news in the world. Matt talks about the breaking news that Spain have sacked their coach Julen Lopetegui just one day before the start of the World Cup, the winner to host the 2026 World Cup and Arsenal transfer news as Unai Emery looks to bring in more new faces.

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Onefootball English says:

Should Spain have sacked him? Who will take the job with 2 days before they kick off against Portugal?

Elie Naddour says:


Muhammad Hadrami says:

Ok wtf is spain thinking?

Peter Wallace says:

You've got a pyramid scheme on your chest chief

Unchanted says:

USA and Canada aren’t really destinations for football and they would kind of flop it up. Mexico kinda yeah. They just don’t have World Cup vibes there, it should’ve been in South America, Africa, Asia or Europe IMO the best World Cups were South Africa and Brazil

Juan chavez says:

That music in the its annoying

Kamaal says:

Canad cohosting world cup LOL, Best joke ever, They dont even play the game

Talin Fox says:

"Coke and patron" definitely screams world cup footy news… can't we at least change the trap music??

Revolutionary 10 says:

11 billion pounds of profit to FIFA? so if it's Russia or Qatar doing it, it's bribery but if it's the scumbag yankees it's legal? Suk a dik with your moral bulllshite moral high ground and double standards. Why in the fuk does FIFA need that much money? That is what you call a real bribe. Russia and Qatar bribed FIFA pennies to win the bids.

Ryan Savage says:

This guy made this channel awesome!

Snowassassin62 says:

I’m definitely going to any games that happen at Gillette Stadium in the 2026 World Cup

Mike Peelen says:

Work on your background music its to loud sometimes.

mohyi M says:

They sacked him because of pique and other Barca players

Marcus De Villiers says:

Spain's FA have fucked them.

Ike Okparaeke says:

2026 babyyyyyyyy cant wait man!!

Mudassir Ali says:

sack a manager who took you 20 games unbeaten ,even I make bad decision in the heat of moment so I can't blame them

Tuckerbomb 99 says:

Why are shitty America having the World cup? They can't even qualify.

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