Breaking down the fallout from the Trump-Kim summit

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The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in.

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Michael Dautel says:

So before the summit Kim had No Nuclear weapons and Trump would Stop,Verify and Reduce the ability to make. After the summit Kim has a REAL Nuclear arsenal and Trump Likes Korea and will stop Joint exercises with South Korea. This makes America safer how ? Trump is now scared since Kim has nukes or is he just following Putin’s orders ? Nothing has changed except Trump’s rhetoric and giving up joint exercises with the South Korean’s ! The only thing that has emerged is that America’s President was played for the Idiot he appears to be!

Dennis Vance says:

The fallout of this summit is that we may have a path to peace and the MSM are wetting their pants.

71morningstar says:

The fear of nuclear bombs is a way to keep idiots patriotic enough to go die in fake wars.

Jorge Ramos says:

So anyone who doesn't absolutely praise the president are Fake News? Good luck with that approach to reality.



Abi Marcos says:

Iran was refunded $, confiscated by the United states after the Iranian revolution. Refunding Iran's own $ for sake of progress towards peace and De-Nuke seems a fair deal than what Trump got.

NoKo got crucial photo op & stop joint military exercises; while We got….. wait…… till next meeting? Really? ??

David Collins says:

Good job Molly!

David Collins says:

How could you people think that bringing back our service men’s remains Can Be Wrong! You people are living in a Bubble world! Get a life and maybe a Job doing something positive in this world! Wow! You are the most skeptical people on earth! So glad none of you are running our country ….especially you Chrissy .

John V. says:

On his way to the Summit, Air Force One was fired at from the Seattle area when the plane was over the Alaska volcanoes. The Deep State is cornered and will do anything.

Charles Hanes says:

No doubt in my mind little rocket man is ready to change, everybody needs to shut their pie holes and let president trump work his magic, The threat of nuclear war is over PERIOD.

Rich Simmons says:

Yesterday he was a crazed dictator, a "psychopath"  guilty of murdering his own family members… And now today he is a "Statesman" , and a  "World Leader"  ??            Is N. Korea now going to be a "Trump Franchise "  Is Trump building golf courses across N. Korea already  ??     U.S. taxpayers bend over again, it's just another trillion or 2

Rich Simmons says:

How much is a Condo in N. Korea  ?? it's got to be better than California  …  🙂

blindeyejones blindeyejones says:

I will show up at a summit but I want cash… lots and lots of cash, plane fulls of cash flown to my address. Obama gave the Mullahs cash and I want it too or I won't sign… I won't sign I tell you.

anonymous user says:

Kim is startstruck

Clifford Ishii says:

Kim knew that Trump is strong and would not hesitate to use military force if necessary. Reminds me of Reagan, who got the Russians to negotiate. It's called peace thru strength.

Rata 4U says:

#1 we need access to the killing fields in North Korea

#2 if Kim ever denuclearizes we need to shoot him in the head.

Karen Tamminen says:

I’m disappointed in Chris Wallace’s coverage and take on President. He always seems grudgingly disappointed at Trump’s victories.

Trevor Wongsam says:

Hey, a freeze and demilitarization are two different things. I don't think Kim and Pompeo had so much of a language barrier that they misunderstood each other. Get real!

Clayton Realist says:

Things went so well Mara and the rest of the libtards all look like they were gut punched and had their puppy stolen.

Brian Mahoney says:

We should all thank Putin for making Kim meet Trump. Even though Kim gave up nothing and we gave everything. This was not a summit. It was Putin putting together a meeting to take away attention from the Mueller investigation. So sad fox viewers are so easily manipulated by Trump a classic liar.

Hans Hoerdemann says:

This just shows how vile the truly psychotic Left is, to wish ANY DISASTER on the USA and even on the world if it gives Trump a defeat. The Left sucks on the American teat, but is not American. They really aren't. Amazingly evil they are.

VR says:

Trumps finesse of a line in the sand

Hilary Funk says:

It is a good beginning. Period. I appreciate the neutral to slightly positive bias of this coverage by Fox News.

Dexx Tubb says:

These folks in politics and news stations are nothin but robots….foreal just watchem….they havnt got all the bugs out yet apparently…I mean they walk and talk so awkwardly

dave m says:

We all know how Trump likes to blow things out of proportion. The telling thing to me is the strange silence from KJU. Might be a little premature to start handing Donald his Noble Peace prize until things shake out. You just don't spend billions of $$ to create nukes and then months to less than a year later scrap them.

Timothy Duffy says:

Looks like trump had french kissed uns asshole. I hope he didn't also short change trump 75 cents for a one dollar blow job.

Electrology Now says:

Before his election Obama said he would "talk to N. Korea." Just talk, the do-nothing "feel good" president. Finally I get to see a REAL populist president! (I'm a life-long Democrat and was WAY head of all my Republican friends and supported Trump the second he "announced.") What's going on? Look at Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt … THAT'S what going on! Everybody MUST get behind the November elections and work hard for pro-Trump Republicans. This Democrat will be working for Republicans!

Jim Churchill says:

Trump made the worst deal at a cost is 20 million dollars in order to receive NOTHING.

chillmonster says:

We need to tell the truth here. NK got everything realistic that they wanted and the US got zero.

And now the NK regime that put over 100,000 people into concentration camps and jails 3 generations of a family for having a radio with a dial to change the channel – arguably the most repressive in history – gets to show to their people our buffoon president talking about how much Kim loves his people.

This entire endeavor has so far been an epic failure.

kittykatBflat says:

Where is the fallout again?

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