Trump Eyes Putin Meeting This Summer

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President Donald Trump says “it’s possible” he’ll meet with Russian President Vladimir this summer, and he’s again making the case that Russia should be allowed to re-join the Group of Seven industrialized nations. (June 15) — The Associated Press


Tallacus says:

Putin is 10x the leader Trump is and he knows it, this is good, I want us to be friends with Putin to help destroy the NWO and YOU should be too, real humanity voted for Trump and Putin for they are our champions sent by the Almighty GOD

Joel Torres says:

Ooooo you mean!!! A public meeting

Connie Pratt says:

Will Vlad be visiting y'all in prison, Donald?

Tyro Prone says:

Trump's embrace of tyrants, coupled with his contempt for democratically elected allies, has sent the United States' standing across the world to record lows. But the most damning legacy of Trump's first year is simply that he has ruled as an unrepentant racist who provided comfort to white supremacists after Charlottesville, attacked black athletes to score cheap political points and fought furiously to close America's doors to anyone who doesn't think, look or pray like his most avid supporters.

The damage done by that cruel legacy will be lasting.

republicans must recognize the poison they support and stop it before it gets worse.


President Trump is an inspiration. greetings from canada

Tony Quionones says:


Dom Tor says:

Trump must be nervous about a meeting with his boss.

MyEyesBled says:

This habitual lying orange brat needs a good spanking!

Tyro Prone says:

Have to check in with poppa Putin. This dude is a disgrace to my country

Illuminati President says:

Didnt Trump say obama and clinton created isis /isil , but still hasnt pressed charges or started an investigation .

Kraiguar Smith says:

There is an insane man speaking. Don't you hear him?

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