CBS News’ Bill Plante on his tours reporting from Vietnam

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Forty years after the fall of Saigon, CBS News’ Bill Plante shares his story of reporting from the Vietnam War


Tin Ba Miền says:

The present regime is very evil to the people

Tin Ba Miền says:

Vietnamese communists violated the 1973 paris agreement and deceived the world

Tin Ba Miền says:

more than 40 years of communist Vietnam always say defeat the United States so what do people think

ไมค์ ฮิกส์ says:

Shoulda destroyed the commies till the end.

Marsha Chilcote says:

I highly respect the guys who went there and gave their lives. I don't respect the political decisions that put them there.

charley tisdale says:

And look @ that fool reporter here, laughing over "white xmas" code song that war was anything but funny. He's a dolt

charley tisdale says:

485,000 U.S. soldiers in Vietnam 1967. Our govt. let our country lose 50,000 which is an "entire generation". As he said, the south Vietnamese ran instead of fight. Obscene failure. Same with the Iraqui's. The only thing we didn't do was wipe their sorry asses.

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