Burned with acid, this poodle makes an incredible transformation that will inspire you!

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When we received the call about Alice out in the desert town – 2 hours east of Los Angeles, Loreta Frankonyte and I headed straight out to the rescue. We were told the dog had ingested acid , and it resulted in horrible chemical burns to the dog’s mouth.

When we arrived at the rescue location, we were shocked… the dog smelled like she was rotting away. Hundreds of flies were surrounding her… it was just horrible.

Loreta placed the Lucky Leash around Alice and carried her to the Hope For Paws rescue vehicle.

At the hospital Alice needed some urgent medical care. Sadly, as of today, she had all of her teeth removed!

Alice continued to her foster home, and for the next two months Loreta cooked for her, treated her skin with coconut oil, and gave her lots of love. Loreta’s dogs, Bonnie and Coco helped Alice learn how to become an adored pet 🙂

Two months later, when Alice felt A LOT better, we asked our friends Chris and Michele Gentry to watch Alice for a few days while we had to run to a rescue in South Carolina (Hermione)

By the time we got back, Chris and Michele were completely in love, and they asked to adopt Alice. For those of you who don’t know this amazing couple – they adopted Fiona from Hope For Paws 7 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJkZXh9v_i4

This is such an amazing ending to this story and we couldn’t be happier for everybody! 🙂

Today we are celebrating EXACTLY 10 YEARS since we founded Hope For Paws, and we would like to ask you for your help. If you appreciate our videos, please donate any amount you can so we can continue in full force to save these lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you so much for sharing our videos – I really appreciate it!



Xaviers Blue Squad says:

I see no dog.
All i see is a feather duster.

·Withered LPS· says:

People are so stupid! I would burn Whoever burned that dog with acid! Thank you for saving this dog

Emma Nyvang says:

Thank you heros

D. Hanafin says:

Dear God I'm crying, what sort of monster does this to an animal.

Nell Hizole says:

Why would a creature regarded as the most intelligent on the planet do such thing on a poor, defenseless dog?

Elizabeth John says:

Peole who disliked this is heartless thanks Hope for Paws for being loving

stephanie fort says:

i mit mack me cry

eliza hansen says:

If this was in Hawaii, I've been right here 4:54-the end

Luna Loves BTS- J-hope my bias says:

I’m so happy for Alice
I can’t believe what happened to her

Izzee G says:

Idiot cowards hurting helpless others. Cowards. Thank God fir good people.

Adilene Patino says:

That is so sad but it is nice that you are guys are helping

Kakali Mandal says:

God bless you guys…..

Unicorn Farts says:

This is terrible why do people do these things to animals

hi hi says:


sugar queen lps says:

Im crying u guys r life savers

jhon mark cleofe says:

She so pretty

Jolener says:

This is so cute! Glad alice is feeling better! So much respect for you guys

Emile Laferriere says:

She's so cute. I will help you with donations for the next animals dont stop your good work

Yana105 Gaming says:

The dog is so CUTE.(this almost made me cry)

happy face ⓭ says:

who hurt that poodle I just wanna talk-

Carmela Szymanski says:

I cannot believe how cruel people can be to a helpless child of god. Fearless are her new family..Thank You

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