What Nicotine Withdrawal Feels Like

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It’s hard to describe in words what nicotine withdrawal is really like, but it’s best described as a growling dog inside your chest, clawing its way out. I go into further detail in the video.

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Michael James says:

This is ridiculous…you get sick as fuck and body nearly falls apart to readjusts to hormone unbalanced and filterly out all the thousands and thousands of built up toxics . Anger is least of Somones worry’s is the sickness and pain that comes after few days -3 months after you quit its damage that needs to be repaired and it’s sockneing painful process for the healing to take fake cuz remember when you filter out all the toxins …it gose through your body again! To come out ! Makes you sick as fuck

bilal1671 says:

Man. What an accurate description. I salute u for this.

StrapStones says:

Still only 6 hours since i quit but damn, this craving is real ill tell you. Im a chain smoker too for a long time. But im determined! I'm never going back! I'll even bite off my fore finger if i have to!

Bryan Hernandez says:

nope never felt that . i don't smoke

Malcolm McKenzie says:

This is very accurate.

dontswin says:

St. Petersburg, Florida huh? Wow, that's like death central for cigarette smokers. I was looking at the causes of death in Pinellas County and so many were smoking related I couldn't believe it. Things like cancer, copd, and heart disease, it's crazy down there. people still smoke like mad in Florida. I lived in Clearwater back in the mid 70's.

n136h says:

This is not helping

Princesscolex says:

The thing about the craving going away as soon as you decide to smoke is so true. I've driven all the way to the gas station, sat in the parking lot, and then turned around and went home because the craving wasn't there anymore.

nickbustincaps says:

Thats how i feel like im gonna snap

Rock-E Oldboy says:

I was ice cold sweating and freezing cold the first 48 hours. could barely eat anything. and yes very easily triggered. so I avoided my gf for a week. 😉 great video!

Skunky Stinkerson says:

Nicotine withdrawal, for those of you who don't know, it feels like the shittiest thing in the world.. Well ok, for the first 15 days after quitting tobacco, Nicotine Withdrawal is the harshest period- it feels like "figuratively" an annoying/massive cold that just won't stop bothering you, than it starts to feel better gradually. You get nightmares, cold sweats, dizziness, your emotions run all over the place, you get irritated easily (when this happens, it feels like you're tweaking out inside), the cravings are at its worst during this period (each craving feels like a pulse or jolt all over your body, in your chest etc. that lasts 5 to 20 minutes at a time) but lets say 2 to 3 months after you quit, you pretty much start to feel more normal, and the cravings become shorter and less frequent throughout the day, you'll get pulses or jolts throughout your body that last maybe 5 to 10 seconds at a time- rather than a miserable half hour at a time like the first 2 weeks.

coldsore says:

shave ur head boi

Jim Kovacs says:

Bro, sorry, but for me TOTAL BShit ! I stopped after 45 years of 2 packs of Menthols a day, but I just got a terrible cold and then found out I DESPISED the taste of them fucks. So I stopped. The phlegm is awesome, but your definition is scary. I stopped Cocaine stone flat 30 years ago, never went back. BE STRONG, AND FIND GOD TO HELP YOU…..

Yarka Shidan says:

I Quite 2 months a Go it’s really the hardest part in my process but I keep smokes away from my lips for 2 hardest weeks then I successfully quote it I don’t feel cravings or think About cigarettes anymore

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