Why the Government is Suppressing the Lyme Disease Epidemic | Interview with Lorraine Johnson

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Abby Martin interviews Lorriane Johnson, CEO of Lymedisease.org, about the growth of Lyme Disease and why the CDC changed their projections of the number of people with it from 30,000 to 300,000.
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Thegreatestman Toeverwlktheplanet says:

Wish they involve all tick born illnesses … I have chronic pain, due to rocky mount spotted fever. Blood test will constantly show it there, but they will say it’s not that, even though I have all the symptoms, and they can’t find any other reason! Only thing that has helped, is ME, drastically changing my diet.

Michaela Coleman says:

Pharmaceutical companies are drug dealers in suits and their day is coming, they are clearly evil and should be ashamed of themselves, may their money rot with them and their families.

Aeri Co says:

This video has been made in 2014 and no touchable results in 2018… I am terrified. I got bitten last weekend and taking antibiotics now and just can’t get enough with watching videos and looking for an answers…

Ken Burkham says:

Camera man drunk?

swannie 63 says:

Swannie63 my channel , ,,I have been diagnosed with lyme disease in ontario,,,many years of searching for help,,,the Centre for biological medicine ,was my saving grace,,,not my doctor or the wasted amount of time seeing 4 specialists ,, ontario estimates just a little over 4000 people with lyme disease ,,,,where as the states have hundreds of thousands of lyme disease cases,,,,,
Tic tac got yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Canada 4000…. USA over 300.000 as a Canadian wow insane ,,,,amazing border system I guess,,,Show me your passport ,,,

Alva Gonzalez says:

it is spirochetes.
Rehumatoid Arthritis
Lyme Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
it's all caused by a bacterial overgrowth in the body.
it's big money to keep hundreds of thousands of people sick for.
please look up
Hospital Mexico en Tijuana.
People are being cured there with antibiotics.

Clint Richardson says:

Always blaming the tick. One day it will be acknowledged that mold is the source of many sufferers Lyme.

Serge Campeau says:

The best thing that could happend is that the US government failed in bankruptcy and cut the funding to the CDC.
The CDC and the FDA are so evil and corrupted, it's nonsense.

Serge Campeau says:

Why are they talking about just the 36%? Most people never actualy get diagnosed at the first place.
What about the people who get diagnosed several months or several years later?
The % of recovery with only 4 weeks of ABX in these cases is absolute zero.
The later the treatment, the more complicated it becomes.

Lyme A Reason says:

https://youtu.be/lrm4TVsGAR4 Please watch this video, it is very important!

Quantumese Boy says:

Important topic indeed. This is RT bait, there are better sources on this subject.

Deb Olsen says:

they use for profit of big pharma & population control . part of new world order , agenda 21

David Freeman says:

A bit traumatising to make us watch that short haired woman talking. You could at least have provided a paper bag to put over her head while she is interviewed

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