NBA Daily Show: June 11 – The Starters

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On Monday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss LeBron’s broken hand and the likelihood he stays in Cleveland; whether Steph Curry deserved MVP, and if the 2018 Finals were boring. That, plus Trey celebrates with the champs, they count down the Top 10 Finals plays, a wedgie, and more. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV and get more of the guys on their website:


JonJoe1959Truth says:

Man please, All that talk that "You & They" speak "Now and After" game-one is Straight-Up BullShit and here's why. First of all, in the very beginning, game-one that is, none of you guys noticed and failed to "Recognize," then & now mind-you, nor to "Speak-on and Report-on this," the Most-obvious, Basic Basketball-101-Fundamentals, just as like that with coach-Lue and his staff, team captains, LeBron included, which is why You-guys along with the rest of you so-called, Professional Basketball Talking heads Don't- No-Shit and absolutely have no credibility whatsoever with me because "You-guys" Failed and Can't-see the most glaring "Where & Why" the fault lies on coach Lue & LeBron simply because in "Game-one," before Hill were to shoot his free-throws, the Cavs should have "Called A Timeout" or LeBron to have Huddled the players on the floor, to discuss their plan in the event of a hit or miss of one or both of Hill's free throws which is "Exactly-Why" that "Most" coaches & captains practice routinely 'This Very Scenario" by calling a "Timeout," on every level I might add, with just seconds remaining in the game, to insure team's understanding of what's to be done at eliminating confusion, right? With that, bottom-line is, the coach(s} and the players on the floor and bench I might add, wasn't on the same page simply because it wasn't discussed beforehand to eliminate the confusion that ultimately cost the Cavs the game, team morale, amongst other things considering now the Braindead Cavs being swept after game-one Braindead blunder of a play or non-play as it bears out plain & simple no? Now with that, have you-guys No-Shame as well at not obviously recognizing the reflex reaction of calling a Timeout regardless that you're not being the coach{s} or player{s}? Huh, the hell you do? If you didn't have Shame then, you for sure should have Shame now truth be told, right? Ummm, funny that after this Blunder and its Chain-reaction thereafter at causing Lebron to break his Shooting-hand and the Braindead-Cavs ultimate demise? So you-guys still and actually believe yourselves Professional Basketball Talking Heads huh? Sure you are, just keep on telling yourselves just that, as I'm sure without any doubt that you'll continue to do just that. Go figure?

Mike Lee says:

To the 3 questions from the opening tease: yes yes and yes

Ingagi says:

Curry cares, he's selfless but he cares though. Look how he played in game 4, he really wanted that Finals MVP. And I get it, It's the only thing he doesn't have.

dayostical says:

Who was Trey interviewing at 13:50?

Celestial Effigy says:

Wasn't a boring finals, queen james got swept, and that is awesome

Ross Ian Wylie says:

LeBron needs to start sweeping/cleaning up after himself. He goes to a team, makes his demands, wrecks the team, fucks up his team mates careers and then he disappears to another team and leaves the bomb site for someone else to clean up. If he leaves the Cavs in the shit again he'd better not set foot in Ohio again.

Siraphon says:

"LeBron finally got a support cast." Savages.

Eric Sparks says:

Just what NBA fans want: 4 nerdy white guys talking about basketball. Smh

Fitness Transcendence says:

20:20 i thought his hand was basically broken? What a piece of no class trash. Cant even lose with grace. Live your lie LeTrash Shames. JUST dont ever think you da goat ever again after having yet another meltdown in the finals

Frank Forster says:

Check your ratings and you got your answer whether the Finals were boring. Haven't watched a full Starters episode in more than a week 'cause all you talk about is those Finals. Damn sure I'm not alone. See you soon guys

Gla3dr11 says:

I just realized that when he subbed out at the end he walked around guarding his right hand and only using his left

Taylan Ertan says:

You call Warriors 'selfless', I call them non-competitive attitude.

Rory O'Sullivan says:

Curry had 3 unbelievable games Durant had 1 how is Durant more valuable?

taipz says:

L3-6drama Queen with the fake news on his hand. Fuck outta here please.

原田 says:



Ivander85 says:

I don't care if it was "the most exciting sweep ever in the finals". It still was boring af, Tas!

Kev Ning says:

Lebron to join the starters

Antwon Francois says:

Is this the last episode? 🙁

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