Best Crossovers and Handles of the 2018 NBA Playoffs!

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Check out the best ankle breaking crossovers from the 2018 NBA Playoffs!

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Freddy Koch says:

why are all those Steph 3s in here? had nothing to do with handles.

sky Terry says:

What about cp3 making curry fall. Twice

the king of cool says:

Any bum on Venice Beach can cross Harden

ParallelFilms says:

Damn I forgot the wizards were in the playoffs

Ross Wallace says:

Where is jaylen browns shake and bake on the bucks?

Ala Potato says:

Snakes dont have arms thus no handles btw harden cant play defense so kd’s cross doesnt count

Baybars Sançar says:

As you can see James Harden's defence is shit.

☯NinJA☯ says:

Stephen Curry BEST!!! OMG

Christopher Benham says:

2:24 Tatum ended him

Lance Taylor says:

Plus I never saw the 2 times when Chris Paul dropped curry…

Rick van Boven says:

0:26 second dribble???

CockRoach says:

00:52 thats free dunk, why its on top plays??

Lance Taylor says:

i bet that LeBron is going to Philadelphia.

Noah Vercher says:

I think the NBA didn't want to show anything bad about the worriers because they didn't show when Chris Paul destroyed Stephen Curry's ankles.

Zach nelson says:

How many times does this happen to harden


Where's Chris Paul's crossover on Stephen Curry?

Kid Awesome says:

lets go warriors they beat the Cavs LeBron is going to the Sixers , Lonzo Balls brother won't make to the NBA because he sucks…….

so far do to trades the warriors will win, like if your a warriors fan………. if there are bad trades the warriors might lose, by the way I am to lazy to capital these words


Alexandre Augusto says:

Wtf lebron first

Mustafa Alkhairy says:

Where is when chris paul crossed up steph curry

R S L says:

I am and am not surprised there were no Raptors highlights (all John Wall aside) but Dwayne Casey handled being fired better than all these highlights put together

ひろみオンエア says:

Where's CP3's great handle that dropped steph curry two times!!!???

João 532 Games says:

Os cara bota highlight driblando o Harden HSUSHSUAHS

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