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In the eighties, when Arnold Schwarzenegger uttered his immortal “I’ll be back,” we could hardly imagine how his image would be transformed in the twenty-first century. Judging by the fact that all the assumed dates of the machine’s rebellion in “Terminator” have already passed (1997, 2004 and 2011), the destruction of the human race will probably be postponed. Why don’t we then try to make artificial intelligence our accomplice?


Fuji Wags says:

Wtf .. i cant believe those robot dolls where made in 18th century?

Theo Atkins says:

Pretty soon they will start to make robotics brains .

Muddy Boots says:

What a shame the voice over guy was unable to convey human emotions.

Darr dess says:

Thumbnail's name please

Dante Gabriel says:

very nice .. it should be in a war.. make some weapon in mouth.. laser? lol hahha

Tubemonks says:

AI is here for the destruction of mankind. Eugenics wil be the order of the day and YOU could be next when they consider you are of no more use. Wake the fuck up.

Shawn Jackson says:

One of the Four gained control of the satellite and uploaded it's self . By now there is no telling where it is there are so many different computers world wide that could hold it's mind. Real trouble is coming with these "soulless beast "

Tomcat Hex says:

Robots have all ready Failed at Fukushima, high level Rad's are frying their circut's

Ikuna Sunnah says:

Wheres the cream

Lorne Jim says:


Dabunny Rabbit says:

I want her to be an oriental with blond hair, call me mama and speak with R Lee Ermy's voice.

Connor Caddy says:

I love robots

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