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Watch all the amazing auditions including Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent 2018 (WEEK 2). What did you think of the best performances?? Let us know in the comments below…


▶︎ Yumbo Dump:

▶︎ Us The Duo:

▶︎ Lily Wilker:

▶︎ Fratelli Rossi:

▶︎ Christina Wells:

▶︎ Da Republik:

▶︎ Alex Hooper:

▶︎ Mochi:

▶︎ Celina and Filiberto:

▶︎ Michael Ketterer:

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kim jong un ጅግና says:

Beautiful people can you give me a subscribe plz?

Tolovve says:

No more singers on this show. They should go try out for American idol or X factor.

Rency Joji says:

OMG !!!!Last Performance..Amazing

Michael Swanson says:

Mochi Power cool too!

Michael Swanson says:

The couple singing No Mtter Where You Are could get air time now!! I love that song.

Dolly Puente says:

The last one was amazing

Marnee Pinch says:

The group dance troops that come on are almost always abysmal. They are just doing dances like something done for practice in a dance studio. See how it's done RIGHT:


I don't get it what's the point of all these people who went on Asia's Got Talent coming to America's Got Talent now

Zaid QTube says:

Why don't you show the votes?

Yaboipreston643 says:

The third guy was funny as hell

ColdWhiteNorth363 says:

Anyone know what the last performances song was?

Katlyn Bowman says:

Great comeback with the first one

Seth Sullivan says:

Astonishing so good the last act.

Santhan Dharam says: most beautiful place In India

C. H. 23 says:

Japanese guys LOL !


21:20 i love…. !!


Best episode


The first very cute xD

كل ما يورق لي مع ميول رياضي says:


كل ما يورق لي مع ميول رياضي says:

5:28 واااااااااااو

كل ما يورق لي مع ميول رياضي says:

6. رهيب

Maz Andrew says:

Wow the lady singer is great really she was the best contestant

Maz Andrew says:

Stop giving golden buzzer to contestants who try to influence your decisions with their lives emotional stories. That's not professional.

Zebar zaki says:

the last one sory is amazingggggggg

Maz Andrew says:

I hate to see contestants bringing their kids or personal lives into their shows. That's unfair for other contestants who just does it professionally and you never know their stories.

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