Woman punched by officer on beach speaks out

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Emily Weinman, 20, who was restrained and punched by New Jersey police officers, reacts to prosecutors’ decision to not bring charges against the officers.


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Will Stuart says:

Dont really know all the details , but one thing that DOES really bug me is that the Officer felt the need to Hit her in face.?!?
Completely unnecessary , Im sure he could have accomplished the same thing without Punching a girl in the face. Kinda pathetic if you ask me …

Brenda Chown says:

She was abusive and uncooperative she got what
she deserved . Seems like she
has a history of criminal behavior !

lewis says:

The police is right.. Look that small girl just 20 years old .. Its a threat to nacional security and those two poor heavy officers.. Hahaha …funny funny …

Lunamaria says:

Why is it always a uproar from whites whenever they face justice for breaking laws? Especially over privileged white girls

Jackson Froyo says:

He whacked her lol , not even a punch

Mark Mazelon says:

"This is America"

E Js1 says:

She deserved it

dave miller says:

See another cops get away with brutality, this is why cops are being ambused and shot and untill they stop this shit it will continue and it seems this is the only way people get justice,real tough guy punching a woman with all his might,its ok for those assholes to hit women but if we do that we are arrested.

Victor Lopez says:

Fuck the police. If it's not a criminal charge I would of slap that ass

Dave says:

Arrested twice by 20 years old but "I'm not a bad person"
Poor innocent me I can't give my name!

Dave says:


angelo parker says:

White America Lookout the race soldiers are coming to your community to when you thought it was a black problem now it's turning into a white problem

SunshineSurfsup1 says:

America is officially a police state

Productionmark says:

This is the moment when the people should get together and fight for what's right. Who gives them the right? Who? WHO? I would've grabbed the "officer" and throwed him in the water. Peace of sheeeeeeeat.

Demon Playz says:

“Train them properly” I thought your not allowed to hit women?

Touché Teabag says:

This is so pathetic this is y I don’t respect the police also y I don’t stand for the pledge our country is messed up I’ve just given up in humanity

Adapa says:

Im from Jersey and this is typical behavior from the police here.. However, the woman should not have tried to walk away, nor should she have pushed the cop/resisted… One thing I've learned from dealing with cops, is to do what they say, especially if youre dealing with a douchey one..

Audreyanna Gerdes says:

This is really terrible. I can barely watch this.

cogenman says:

"Weinman was arrested in 2016 on $10,000 bail. She was charged with burglary, simple assault, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and reckless endangerment. Weinman plead guilty to simple assault and reckless endangerment. She received four years of probation for the crime." She wasn't a saint.

Shaun Lowe says:

Quick side note. If you don't want the cops to beat ur ass fuck u up and take u 2 jail or kill u. Do what ever they ask as soon as they ask. And do it with the utmost respect. No matter how they are treating u. Even if they are tazzing u until u piss ur self while calling u a white trash piece of shit. Do what everything say when they say it and say yes sir/mam no sir/mam plz and thank you while u do it. And u might make it out unscathed. Maybe if your lucky! Wake Up America! U live in a Police State! Land of the free home of the brave, not so free after all!!!

Mya Hill says:

This is sick!!! What did she do?

SpookyAlex says:

So many idiots. How is it gonna hurt you to give your first and last name. By law you are required to give id anyway so wtf is the point of resisting.

nasman007 says:

I am a UK resident and i am shocked how american police are nothing but criminals!

Shaun Lowe says:

Fuck the Police, an the Police State we live in! Unless your middle class white and above or jus plain rich you know and have known this is and has been a police state period.

Gary Collins says:

Everything these officers did were completely justified.

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