How I Did Research In College, Med-School, and Residency

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I am often asked about research- how to get involved in a research project, how much research is needed in medical school, and how to succeed in research. In this video, I share my experience doing research in college, medical school, and now residency!
I am definitely not an expert in research as I have no formal laboratory research training, but I hope that by sharing my experiences I can encourage others to take on exciting new projects!

Thank you for watching!
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Juhi Mittal says:

Hey Andrea,Amazing talk! What sort of 'Lab research' can you do after/during your residency.

Nahom Zewde says:

Classy woman

Ohnolillam says:

Hi Andrea? How do we pick an area of research to do if we don't know what specialty we want to go into for sure?

Lisi Miranda says:

Hello, Andrea! Thank you for this video! I was wondering if you can do another video pairing with this one on specifics regarding how you organize and go about presenting you research projects… For instance, do you use project boards to present your research, and if so, how do you typically organize the project boards? As for the research paper itself, do you do it in APA format and when citing, do you use a specific program to help with that? Also, when presenting your research projects, what process do you go through to organize HOW you'd like to go about presenting it. Such as, do you use flash cards to help you organize a step by step or do you memorize it all? Also, can you physically show what one of your research projects would look like just so that I can get an actual visual on how it's organized? Along with that, what camera do you use to film? Thank you for all that you do!

Kind regards,

Nathasha Love says:

Do you have kids?

johnnyb620 says:

Will you marry me?

Aaqib Azeez says:

how do you have time to Run a youtube channel , how often do you upload videos? and along with that be a doctor and have a life? maybe a day in the life video will be great!

Violin MD says:

"is there something wrong with me if i hate anatomy" – I love that you are so honest with your journey!!

Aujaiha says:

Hi Andrea! I love your videos. You are always so positive and inspiring :)Although I am studying for Step 1 right now I watch all your videos even the premeds one because they are so motivating. I watch your videos over and over again when ever i am down and it opens my mind lol:)Thank you so much for all the help!

Chad Richards says:

Oh this is great. I'm a first year and it's so stressful finding a good project and feeling like I even have time for it.

Sheila Chandrahas says:

Loved the video! Thank you so much for staying so consistent with your uploads! it's reallly great! Also, can I just say you look absolutely stunning!

eya lam says:

you're such an inspiration

Danny Rodriguez says:

You impress me more than anyone ever has. I don't know if its because you are gifted and just naturally smart, or if its all because you study like a maniac. Probably both, but I am so glad I've found your channel, you continue to inspire and motivate me to be the best that I can be. I just started my first semester at University and feel a bit odd and alienated. I'm so glad I have this channel as guidance for the next few years.

Ashley P says:

Hi Andrea. I love your videos so much they are so inspiring! 
I have a question about research. It's something that I would like to get involved in, but I am not a traditional med school applicant. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music Therapy degree. Are there opportunities once you are out of your undergrad to get involved with research? (I'm taking a year off now before applying to medicine.)

piacquadable says:

Outfit details please! Shirt is so beautiful!!

Jeet Choudhury says:

Hi Andrea! Your videos are amazing and really helpful. I was just wondering if you could do an interview with a radiologist and an anesthesiologist? Thank you so much!

Megan Elizabeth says:

This was so helpful, thank you!!

Country Zebra says:

Please make more videos, I love your content 🙂

gear1x says:

Could you make a video(s) on your specific experience applying to ophthalmology residency? Since it's outside ERAS, there isn't a lot of good detail available (e.g. PD survey), only general info. Thanks!!

Sofía H. says:

I really like the huge passion you have for your specialty. Thanks for motivating us to be better 🙂

Eskaaaylaaar says:

you're so in love with what you do and the smile on your face says it all (:

EnakeiJamz says:

Thank you Andrea! It is very helpful hearing about your experience. I also wanted to point out that you are always smiling and seem excited about what you're talking about, which is very inspirational!

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