Donald Trump struggles with lyrics to God Bless America

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US president Donald Trump joins in singing Irving Berlin’s God Bless America during his ‘celebration of America’ at the White House, but his lips appear to be sealed for the trickier lines. The event was hastily changed after the president disinvited Super Bowl winners the Philadelphia Eagles as part of the ongoing row over kneeling during the national anthem.
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Trump’s ‘celebration of America’ in lieu of cancelled Eagles gala fails to shine ►

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Anna Harasym says:

Dish channel is senseless many people just say the words they don't say word puzzle board to stop with your BS you have a pathetic way of getting attention

David Dennison says:

Trump knows the Russian National Anthem tho? Match this up and you'll see what he was singing. Simple mistake!
United forever in friendship and labour,
Our mighty republics will ever endure.
The Great Soviet Union will live through the ages.
The dream of a people their fortress secure.

Long live our Soviet motherland,
Built by the people's mighty hand.
Long live our people, united and free.
Strong in our friendship tried by fire.
Long may our crimson flag inspire,
Shining in glory for all men to see.

Rusty Dunlap says:

Surprise surprise, Russian's don't know our anthem, and you can see that here!

bane734 says:

Liberals struggle with what it means to be an american. They still have no clue

Lena DD says:

THE BEST president ever!!G-d bless you Mr President and yr family!!The fight against nazi and mob  continues!!DO NOT GIVE UP Mr PRESIDENT!!

YUKI INU says:

At this point nobody is surprised. But he probably knows all the words to Russias' communist party patriotic song.

Thomas Fletcher says:

Struggling with lyrics? IMPEACH !

betabenja says:

I love the way he swings from side to side like a toddler

vee bobic says:

Trump 2020 one great president!

James Dyer says:

What do you expect!!!

Gary Witherspoon says:

Trump and his support base are fascists hiding behind a military empire in flames. They will hang

Ksshenoy 2 says:

Hi I an Satvik shenoy

vsboy 25 says:

Obama never did this.

Josephat Kibet says:

Who says he struggles, maybe he just does not want to. Normal for everybody. Trump did not rehearse for this like the marines

Dennis Prasetiyo says:

Kontol maju sini anjing Amerika kontol

asdf asdf says:

Donald Trump is a genius

Antonio Randolph says:

WOW!! we all don't sing a full song but when trump don't do it, it like he should get punish for it. How much a fine he should pay for not singing the whole song?

irishmossdubwise says:

This is beautiful. Don Pendejo. The King of Dummies

Cyberstar John says:

And that's the president of the United States in 2018. Congratulations America, you got the president you deserve.

Datriax Sondor says:

Hey now, it's not his fault. He was expecting them to play the "State Anthem of the Russian Federation". Give the moron a break.

Supe063 says:

Stand beside …ME …and guide …. er … um

Cat says:

What do you expect from a hypocritical idiot ?!

stranraerwal says:

great patriotic President…lyrics don't matter… the main thing is to stand upright, right ?

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