911 calls reveal concertgoers’ terror during Las Vegas massacre

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Dispatchers often heard nothing but screams because callers could barely speak as they fled.


mahmoud elmorsy says:

القدس قبله
والامممم الظلمين الي الجحيم يذهبون
وارتقب العالم الاتحاد الاربي يرتقبون
لا اله الا الله وحده لاشريك له فعبدو

haris spahic says:

0:32 Sniper?!

christopher Taylor says:

this is why you can't go to a concert or a club without a mass shooting going off this is a mean cruel evil world that were living plagued by mean cruel wicked evil people who dont care what they do to each other anymore this society is really really really screwed up with all this stuff going on its gonna get worse

Victory Deliverance says:

That was very evil for this white devil to do what he did to all those good people that have never done anything to him at all. He died and went to hell for that dirty deed that he had done.

malik malik says:

Whitefolks evil asses are reaping what they have sown. You cant treat black people like shit and expect to get away with it. KARMA is a bitch.

Clara Cutts says:

Ttheres good and bad people but the news picks out the bad people not the good there is good people to me just not a lot

Jaden Zdynasty74 says:

Was a coward and died a coward, glad his ass is dead

thebestever475 says:


69troyjan says:

Fake shooting

Sylvia G says:

click bait WTF

kingsamb plays says:

theres a fucking guy walking

Kartik Chaudhary says:

This is a Great piece of Reporting by the NYT if you want to see how things actually happened on that Day – > https://youtu.be/krr4u6uGdzc
And maybe you can check this by The NYT as well – > https://youtu.be/6ZRgVX8SYX4

Mozus Freeman says:

More brainwashing for the weak mind's enjoy your fake news

BernieYohan says:

GOP and NRA Making America Great Again one massacre at a time.

J enn says:

Bagaimana rasa nya jika hidup di Palestina????

Lindsay Tucker says:

I still cry whenever I hear or see anything from that night.

Matt Candler says:

Paddock was not the only shooter.

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