War Robots 2 Hours Mk2 Maxed Exodus, Bulwark, Spark Gameplay WR

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War Robots Gameplay of 2 Hours Mk2 Maxed Exodus, Bulwark & Spark Gameplay. WR Live Stream Export for those who haven’t been able to see it when the live-stream happened.
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Manni-Gaming says:

Hey Friends! Here we go with the full export of our recent Wednesday Live-Stream. We had a Giveaway going on but it was only for the stream. You cannot win anything in this video here. I hope to make this clear enough so that noone will be wondering. I edited this export, too to cut out all the "looking for winners" stuff that I thought wasn't interesting to watch.

Lightning gamer says:

Can give me Exodus? ID RangerRocket

Henry Bloom says:

Even though you are not able to in live servers, can you somehow show us gameplay with the bulwark with ancile?


Next video golem with pinata orkan and exodus

Henry Bloom says:

can you stream on youtube in the future? it would be much easier to access

Collision Magicians says:

Thunders are the biggest disappointment ever

-X Hunter 231- says:

Is it possible to put an ancile to a butch

Percy Jackson says:

whats better for bulwark, ember or redeemer

Percy Jackson says:

i subscribed to you on both my youtube accounts plus my moms account. please leave a heart manni

Test says:

Manni,come on.100.000 subscribers is waiting for you !

Creeper 14 says:

Why dose it say “upgrade tulumbas to level 7”?

Test says:

Can someone give me the link nightbot of Manni??????
Your vids r best,Manni!

れモメ工ᎾN RᎾBLᎾX says:

Man,they really need to fix that plasma bug,its so annoying

Arju Dangol says:

My name is arju i wont rino

Obser Ver says:

Trident is literally just trash
It's just such a bullshit

Josy Bernal says:

Manni-Gameing you are the best YouTuber in War robots I want to be like you in War robots

RichAss jUnki says:

Look it’s manni the drunkie

Mai Duong says:

Try doing the natasha with 2 flux and 2 gekkos lvl 12 Mk2 pls

kevin yeung says:

manni can you please try out a full garage of spectre with 2 orkan 2tarans thats 5 spectres with 2 orkan tarans

Natalie Evans says:

I'm so close to a gust

kevin yeung says:

Manni there's a ton of heavy energy weapons and little heavy splash damage weapons (triddents , exodus, tempus,) please report this to pixonic

NightFalcon Gaming says:

I uad a weird tdm with us getting 31 points

frank dave says:

manni you have to look for the white curvy lines

Thang Piang says:

Manni do u still get gold when u log in for a long time I don have the drone but can I still received a free gold

Naiki Ruffer says:

Hey Manni, i just create a beta nightbot account, how it work to be part of the giveaway ?

Cocolie says:

Can I get one exodus

Blake Swaboda says:

Manning I was losing so many free for all battles then I made a full gust thunder leo and a full magnum thunder leo and I dominated I'm in silver league tho so it's not too tough but I do so much damage to enemies.

Sam Culp says:

can you play an all spark patton manny??

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