The Flu ALMOST KILLED ME (Influenza) | Dr. Paul

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jenn jeffs says:

NOOO!! Ive never gotten a flu shot, I refuse. My OBGYN was actually the one that told me to never get one…..

bredismyname 18 says:

Omg i had the same thing for a week

Musical Gymnast says:

You forgot to mention that the the flu kills more people than the vaccination ever has…influenza/pneumonia is the 3rd leading cause of death for children and young adults!

Megan Mose says:

some die from the flu

Lily Vlogs says:

Every time I get a flu shot I get really sick

Olivia Frances says:

the one year i didn't get my flu shot i got the flu

Robbi Schwinn says:

How do you get the flu

Jonathan Mason says:

Normally I would agree with you your content is really good but it also has been proven that flu shots the reason they don't work as because the person had the flu shot too late and the flu was alredy in them and it just hasn't hit them yet


This is interesting. In my midnight YouTube surfing I came across Gillian Barre videos and them saying it's so rare. It scared me so bad. So over the next few months I asked a few nurse and dr clients of mine even physical therapists. Do you know everyone of them had an average of 3 people just this flu season alone with it. Scary. Needless to say I didn't get my flu shot.

Betty Capps says:

Do you build up immunity by ha in’s the flu virus vs getting the shot?

400 to Fab says:

I decided not to get it for the last couple years too, I just hate putting wierd stuff in my body is rather get the flu,… knock on wood.
I also feel a significant cognitive decline the let ten years, I can't help suspect it might be vaccinations

Brenda Hardin says:

I've seen a lot of Dr.s in my life ,but, never one that has explained anything much ,just give Rx.s n see you later .Dr.Thomas seems to be so different than most .I am glad he has this channel for us to learn from .

cellogirl11RW says:

I have always gotten the flu shot without any problems, and the only time I have had the actual flu was when I had the nasal flu vaccine.

Floresita Reyes says:

I had a bad sore throat with bad sinus conjestion with blood and I took natural rememdies like ginger elderberry and garlic etc and didn’t take any pain medicine what so ever. My sore throat went away and my conjestion cleared for a day and then all of a sudden my it went to my eyes. My eyes were blood red and pussing. I had to go to the hospital twice. So I don’t know anymore about natural all the way. I was dreading taking antibiotics because I’m so against them but it saved my life and from going blind. I think I’m now just neutral about everything. There a time for natural and a time alopathic. This was a near death experience that changed my life and world views. I still wouldn’t take a flu shot but I won’t say no to antibiotics in severe cases. Where before I was hardcore against everything and the medical industry.

ToX Gamer says:

I had the same thing i litratly couldnt move anywhere and it was impossible to go upstairs stay strong doc

Mark S says:

so he is saying the risk from the flu shot is greater than the risk from the flu. That is a statement that he can't back up. He also says that if you have fever you should not take tylenol because the good it does for you is outweighed by the bad it does to you. That is another statement he can't back up.

Always be wary of doctors or any other expert who is A) selling a book, B) has a youtube channel, and C) has unconventional advice to distill. There are many of them. They may be right or they may be wrong, but no ethical doctor gives medical advice to the general public about such things when the profession itself does not agree on it.

he may have a good bedside manner, but that does not mean he can't be a quack.

Joy Smith says:

Well if you get the flu it is worse than if you had a flu shot I have had it every year and I have always gotten the flu shot Haha and you are a doctor come on now get the flu next year

USA Resident says:

I learned about the VAERS site a few years ago. I am surprised by the number of people who have never even heard of it. What is frustrating, probably more to an informed physician like yourself than to me, is that people trust mainstream sources instead of doing research before making decisions. Parents are bombarded with so much "pro-" info on vaccines, but very little info is provided regarding the potential side effects and risks of vaccines. The ONLY way parents can make the absolute best decisions with regard to their child's health and medical care is to be provided with a balance of the pros and cons.

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