Ads Vs. Reality – Where Kids Dreams Are Crushed

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so… does stop ad blocks your videos too???

andrea maravilla says:

Wosrt time to eat a sandwich

little chibi monika says:


Lps Rosey says:

I sub:)!!!!!!

Jenifer Matamoros says:

I went to walmaart to buy apool a smell on but its big

GreninjaPlayz says:

The uncrustable is fake. That’s not an uncrustable lmfao

lori Jimenez says:

Who plays GTA on ps1234 or Xbox live one s

lori Jimenez says:

..who plays fortnite

Silver Britches says:

the uncrustal one is clearly Photo shopped

Zeus Mobile says:

Does it block youtube?

Vivian Jones says:

I will all by the ass because they look really fun

Dietrich Stull says:

I got a giant bat toy we opened the box and it didn't fly!

Dovewing24 Smith says:

I subscribed!

Kenna Breda says:

just me or does the “whale pool” look about the same size as the add? ..

Adrianne Nebarez says:

The first one is actually the add my mom's friend has one for her son

Merely and Litozinnamon says:

For some reason, I love your channel but I’m way to lazy to subscribe

TJ says:

The first one you are supposed to put air in both sides.

Aleigha Cordle says:

Love your channle

Kristi Dorizas says:

Will Stop add work on a IPad

Spooder Man says:

Krusteaz Ya those sandwiches it has no crust in my school no crust

Minecraftier says:

Spiderman=marvel batman=DC

valery Cornelio says:

That so happend to me

Carlos Mirabal says:

That happened to me in monday

Fatima Fierros says:

Champion in spanish is champion in english

Dar Playz says:

I've learned something, When something looks good in an ad, I don't trust any of it

Immune says:

I thought the video's title read, Aids VS. Reality.

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