My Doctor Didn’t Believe My Pain

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Have you ever had a time a doctor didn’t listen to your pain?

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Elizabeth Gembczynski says:

I feel like this is important because physical pain shouldn't be ignored but on the other hand, there are times when pain is mental and it gets ignored and doctors should get better at differentiating between them

Ezan Boss says:

Move to the UK

Ezan Boss says:

Damn British doctors would never do this

Steph Draws says:

one time my ear hurt bad. the doctor didn't listen.

Abby M says:

Been going through this with my pcp last 2 years. I've been going through really bad episodes of pain and spasms to the point where it almost feels like its epileptic but I'm fully conscious but i can't do anything about it. It got so bad that when I'd feel it coming on I started to get panic attacks, so when my mom finally had enough (I hate hospitals) and made me go to the ER i was so dehydrated and could barely even talk because it felt like someone sucked the life out of me. The doctor comes in and tells me that it's a panic attack and I should be medicated if they're that severe, and I explained that that cant be it bc I know how a panic attack feels. I left the hospital feeling defeated and went to my doc the next day to hear the same bs. It kept happening to the point where I now have neuropathy from permanent nerve damage bc my doc is an idiot.

Emotional Chromosome says:

Well, sometimes doctors make incorrect diagnoses, and they also don’t want to unnecessarily put you through pain or a treatment you don’t need. I’m not saying that everything the doctors did in this video was okay, but not all of it is wrong either.

Crystal says:


Markie Harper says:

My "period pain" sucks too, doctors still haven't done anything for it 🙁

Jack Harkness says:

I have paralysis with my chronic pain but I managed to convince doctors it’s real

doodthenoodle says:

Why is it zooming onto everything?

Mickeyboy41 says:

Why do they keep zooming in on the most random body parts?

Lucia Bolvanska says:

I had a problem with my foot and all of the doctors said that I just need to walk it off. I later leaned that I had ripped heel. After that I had similar problems with my ankle but I haven't seen the doctor yet. After this video I will get to the doctor.

Nadia Begum says:

Omg I have been through the same thing I had a 30cm cyst on my right ovary and I had to have a major surgery on my abdomen

arkspeli says:

one of my good friends was having a horrible pain in her side during class and none of the teachers let her go to the nurse/home. I eventually had to get my mom (a teacher at our school) to get the principal to let her leave. It turned out her appendix was about to burst.

Bella Fortuna says:

we dont need nurses they LITERALLY ON POINT dont do anything.

Maryam Rashid says:

I was 5 and I went to the hospital and
They told me I was faking for attention and to stop. I went to another doctor and I was diagnosed with kidney failure

Ahmed says:

Teacher: Put a paper towel over it.

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