Why this skateboarding trick should be IMPOSSIBLE ft. Rodney Mullen

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Skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen teams up with Physics Girl to explain the unusual physics behind skateboard tricks. Filmed with a phantom high speed camera at 1000fps, see Mullen’s tricks like never before.

Created by Dianna Cowern

Editing: Jabril Ashe
Animations: Kyle Norby
Props: Kyle Kitzmiller
Science Advisor: Dan Walsh

Check out Beyond Slow Motion:
and Kuma Films:

A million thanks to Rodney Mullen!

Thanks to Kyle Kitzmiller


PO Box 9281
San Diego, CA 92169


Alex Mercer says:

Dianna looked less peppy than usual…:( Still loved the video 🙂

Cam Katis says:

That’s cool !!!! Thankyou, I never thought of it this way it’s always just been hands on learning and common sense

Mark Andrew Nordstrom says:

Love Rodney. Cool with physiics. But with the click-bait title, you won't get another view from me.

Cxt Turner says:

This is the best thanks !

RustedPieces1 says:

Chris Chan has a video where he does an impossible without wrapping it with his foot

Cameron Brown says:

First time watching, super dope. New interest in physics and skateboarding

Ezechielpitau says:

So happy I randomly watched this. About half-way through I realized that I asked my physics teacher precisely this about 20 years ago. He didn't know… Of course I had totally forgotten this but now I can cross off that one little thing 🙂

LSDO says:

This might surprise you but Rodney Mullen also has a PhD in some form of human biology.

Joe O Sullivan says:

I thought this video was going to take a different turn when you said "Something I play with evvveerrrry day"..

nostradomis says:

Mid axis is just a hardflip fam got them for days

Steven Romero says:

What skatepark is that?

Harood Gresseau says:

Watch Chris Chan phone flips

Mike Remuzzi says:

There is a trick that flips like that called the zero flip.

plantbeats drums says:

Amazing video!!!
Any experience with glassblowing ? Lampwork in particular. Check out the YouTube channel Revere Glass, in Cali as well. Love the info, very well done 🙂

nabil iyad says:

Explain the dolphin flip.

Aral Ynot says:

ey i subscribed. yay skateboarding! yay orthopedic surgeons! good day

kyle v says:

Honestly, if you think the impossible was insane. You should get a skater that can do a monster flip. It's essentially the same trick but without your foot guiding the board. You talked about how it would be impossible without the foot this trick does that. The board completely flips vertically without rotating on the other axis.

JBake502 says:

This was fantastic! I always heard growing up how smart Rodney Mullen was, but this really showed how intelligent he is. He always looked at skating on a deeper level, that is why he was so dominant. He didn't just invent new tricks, he learned why they worked.

kai russell says:

From a skater…theres Dolphin flips, even some frontside flips, a lot of hard flips, rotate on that intermediate axis…half way through the video dont know if this directly relates…

Alexander Rüffer says:

286 phones didnt survive the "spinning test"

voLumez says:

Nollie impossible?? What haha that is ridiculously hard

TangyTech says:

do more sports physics video this is great stuff. I like the oompf and phone analogies to explain intermediate axis theorm, great explainations

The Litterbug says:

The physics of skateboarding with Richie Jackson

Smokey Bear says:

Professional flaunter.

525medic says:

In the Ollie, it’s not jut bouncing off the ground. The friction from the front foot sliding forward pulls the board up as well

LongMeltU says:

she s keep saying skateporning? wtf

Caleb Guiler says:

Check out Chris Chan’s monster flip it is a better example

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