Global Economic Outlook

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Although global economic growth is expected to continue strengthening, long- awaited changes in monetary policy present fresh challenges in 2018. Are policy- makers and investors prepared for potential shifts in capital flows in this new environment?

· Hans-Paul Bürkner, Chairman, Boston Consulting Group, Germany · Daniel Funes de Rioja, Chair, B20 Argentina, Argentina
· Henrique Meirelles, Minister of Finance of Brazil
· Andrés Velasco, Professor of International Practice in International
Development, Columbia University, Chile

Moderated by
· Erik Schatzker, Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television & Radio, USA


Hot Ha says:

Đây là chương trình gì vậy mọi người

infinateU says:

ALL countries should be aware of the fact the the American Pentagon has "Lost" track of 10 trillion dollars to "black projects" which INVOLVE intelligent extra terrestrials.

infinateU says:

The rich & politicians push WAR on the world while corporations register "positive" productivity. & this equals a "good" world economic outlook?!?!

infinateU says:

Inducing diabetes & cancer.

infinateU says:

Lead & asbestos is STILL found in building materials. Good healthy natural/organic food is scarce & expensive while synthetic/ artificial ingredients r pushed on to the public at a cheaper price….

infinateU says:

In the "modern" world like America for instance, we still run out of water in some states. Power consumption poses a threat to the electronic infrastructure….

Rudy Nathan says:

Buy bitcoin. All this shit goin down

Johannes Obers says:

Coloca todo seu dinheiro em estudo Brasil. Precisa tomar alguma posição, cresce e acorda.

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