Tips For Hiding Weight Loss Surgery

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beta98beta says:

I'm detecting a little Alabama in that accent 🙂

TitusValkyrieAnubus says:

Girl you’re hilarious!

Amanda Jordan says:

I love this , I will be using every last one of these lines

Dee S says:

Hi!! I'm new to your channel. This video was great. I'm in the process stage and I was wondering what do ppl do to hide their surgery and came across this,,,some very great tips,,you had me laughing, love your personality. Of course my family and my 3 close friends know but I feel why does it have to be everyone's business!!! So thanks for the tips!! And your furbaby is a sweetheart!!!

CurlyCabbagePatch says:

I absolutely love her personality!

Misty Robinson says:

I love the cat

Christie R. says:

What causes the hair loss that you referred to

Shrinking Snake Lady says:

Love your personality and tips. I didn’t have surgery. I think it’s all up to people to share. But I never ever thought of it as the easy way out. It takes changing from inside out to lose and keep it off.

Shaneil Wright says:

Robert Earl is such a sweet boy I could just love him to pieces congratulations on your weight loss.

Caylee says:

Haha,you are hilarious. This is so funny

Lizzie Jones says:

I love your Robert Earl! I had a male cat named Sylvester and he was such a big suck. 15 pounds of big suck. LOL

Xans Flowers says:

I'm gonna use the drug excuse

Kim Bobo says:

You are hilarious and informative. Love it. I'm 6 months out and loving my surgery.

Eva Madrigal says:

lie lie lie. lie girl

Daphne Garcia says:

I want to adopt Robert Earl!!

Juliana Catacombs says:

It's sad we have to make up stuff to get people out of our business but that's part of life, right?

Scarlett Wicked says:

Love it! Definitely needed this video. I was very open about getting the surgery. I'm sure all my friends know far too much about lapband now but I'll definitely need these tips in the future!!

Sheay w says:

I have stopped eating dairy for the most part and have been working out so people have assumed those are the reasons… I just leave it at that! I am trying to go vegan so pray for me! Lol

Ashlee Mohamoud says:

Aww such a sweet cat. Really love your videos. I'm thinking of having VSG surgery so I'm trying to learn all I can. I've really got to lose weight.

Danielle Kirkwood says:

I stupidly told people I had my gall bladder removed, now I'm embarrassed I lied

Debt free you and me says:

You are awesome. Just sayin…

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