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See the Steve and Sir Martyn playing the game on our chemistry channel (Periodic Videos):

Links to the games (on emulator or for download) and other material…

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. More at


Periodic Videos says:

Don't miss the companion video at Periodic Videos:

bonnome2 says:

You can use TIFF files instead of RAW. The difference between uncompressed tiff and RAW is that the info of the resolution, pixel bit depth is stored. At least that's what I was learned with quantitative biology measurements with microscopes.

Steve Cooper says:

Everyone still uses ARJ don't they?

Alberto Torres says:

This is one of the reasons I like projects like Emscripten and WebAssembly so much. You can have all encoders and decoders running in JS, an universal programming language at this point.

TheZamdee says:

Archiving has been going on for a while. Check for example "Software Preservation Society" and "Kasettilamerit" sites!

No Never says:

who cares lol its just rubbish from some dudes mind
let it disappear

Joss Whittle says:

Exams 17/18 Folder on the desktop. I feel your pain.

RobotZer0 says:

Use usb to floppy adaptor, pinout is same for 3.5 and 5.25 floppy (connector is different though). 3:31

TheTurnipKing says:

The question shouldn't be "how many you can run", it's "how many can you stack"?

Alexander Necheff says:

I disagree on the method of using common compression formats for "data longevity".

What is more important is using a libre standard so that even if an encoder/decoder is never ported to a new platform, it is completely in the realm of possibilities to write a new native one using the spec which would be available and unencumbered by patents or legal restrictions.

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