An Update On Chemo 5 Days In

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So, here’s a short update. I’m sorry I can’t update people more I am feeling so tired and unwell at the moment it’s hard to get a vlog done.

I am posting bits on if you want to get updates more regularly


Toffle says:

Have you tried lots and lots of carrot juice? Vit C

Patti C says:

Jo Cannon: Well said. Nothing more to add. Need more Doc's like you.

Karen Natelle Callis Fuller says:

Still praying in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.

SoupIsReady says:

You are awesome, and i hope you beat this beast in your body. I thought about meditation on some big rock or something, and coming down healead after 1 year, but i guess with such an illness this is not possible …

Toast Music says:

President Trump just signed a bill allowing people with terminal illnesses to try experimental medicines. It’s not over yet!

Regal Chef says:

Stay strong dan…

Music ch2897 says:

Has a lot of weight still on him and he seems like he has a good vital force (posiitve, good colour in face). Will chemo kick his ass and kill him faster? I was thinking he had a chance with flax oils and very low carb eating (high omega 3 to shrink the cancer) and supporting his gut health and liver with other stuff. One supp DIM which detoxifies estrogen and helps encourage apoptosis of abnormal cells, why is this not an option, why does chemo come first? Chemo apparently will not even cure it but just slow it down, am I right?

SOVRA says:

You aren’t babbling at all. You are very on point and good at expressing your thoughts in a very succinct honest way even when high on pain killers and etc. . I love watching your Vlogs because of you and the Way you express yourself and who you are feels like you’re there a real person rather than some edited polished parody of a person. Who wants that. Keep on as you are it’s brilliant. Xx

abadplanner1 says:

I think he croaked.

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