The Best Lance Armstrong Tour De France Documentary Nobody Has Ever Watched

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jimmy c says:

It was a great life

Marc Côté says:

Today I could not ride without a helmet…. Looks funny seeing the guys without helmets.

Joe Booth says:

Go vegan? What a moron. Yes….let's ignore physiology and evolutionary biology, LOL.

RealMarcosMiranda says:

The best ever. Anyone else can use EPO as much as they want and coming close to Lance will be nearly impossible.

Hiren Shanghvi says:

Lance was the best the sport has ever produced, to all Lance haters f*** off

David Doyle says:

Why is this the best documentary? Like everything associated with Lance Armstrong its a lie, a deception, it hides the fact that the whole team was cheating. But the Armstrong sycophants out there peddle his lie that everyone was doing, well certainly everyone in the US Postal team was. Not every rider in the peloton was a cheat like Armstrong. I watched 40 minutes of this and it was enough. It did show off Amstrongs talent as a

tsdon1 Smithee says:

they all doped and lance doped less than most. he has NEVER tested positive

tsdon1 Smithee says:

greatest tour de France cyclist lance Armstrong! GOAT

Codidicus says:

Go vegan…. and live an unnatural and unhealthy life.

MK Ultra says:

Live Drugstrom!

Christian Borgstede says:

Oh! My name is now Nobody. Durian, I have seen this ages ago! How to put weight on is my daily challenge.

dunnar90 says:

lol this soundtrack is awesome. What is it?

NYCzora says:

Lance's voice gets high pitched when he's lying.

Jahir Graham says:

No big 32-34 rear cassettes,

Chris McReynolds says:

Come on now. Lance using an SRM power meter was SOP for training and lab work by that time. Taking promo "documentary" videos wasn't that common. A lot of riders didn't want the public to know how they trained at all. And they denounced "meters" in public for a long time. The German meters were seen as too American, too "dispassionate." Also, sponsors pressured riders to use their visible gear, especially cranks, while racing. It's not that they were against power meters per se but didn't want to marginalize the image of their own product lines.

Keith James says:

You made loads of money off a CHEAT. Nothing to be proud of

Slobodan Grasic says:

Of course, stuffed with enhancing substances and erythropoietin.

Nigel Smith says:

Cheat pure and simple. So sad when you must admire him so much for his battle back to health .Humans are different in body and mind To be the best in sport and stay the best a long time you need to be strong in both. But this was purely driven by money., as all so called high level sport He became a very very Rich man cheating his way to to top .Guaranteed most of the rest doing the same. On a level playing field he most likely would still have won with his mental strength and ability but he didn't he cheated. He's not to blame solely the greed of others were just as bad This man deserved to be admired for surviving his battle with cancer, but for most he will be remembered as cheat.

P. Mid says:

From an outsiders view looking in, its easy to listen to what the righteous people say about Armstrong being a fraud and judge. Right at the start when he says "who says that [he cant keep going]??". Just a small insight into the sheer work rate of this guy. I wish all the people who trash this guy would see how much work he put in!!!

Mark Scott says:

I watched this about 15 years ago on Aussie TV.

Peter Moorman says:

If your going to show someone elses work without permission you can have the decency to give the film makers credit.

FarOutdk says:

I hate like in really hate all the ads in the middle of the film, so sorry I am out.

Peter Ballantine says:

Lance the biggest lier and fraud in cycling

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