Huffington Post Has No Chill

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Saw this absurd, tasteless huffpo video yesterday. Pat Oberle was willing to do the lip syncing so I was able to write and crank this out with him in about a day. Its short, sweet, no fluff. Please enjoy. And again, Pat, special thanks big boy ;))))




Rugg0064 says:

Easy suggestion, kill rapists

Jack Blackthorn says:

It would be cool if these cunts just stayed at home and didn't go to college

I Don't Know And There's Power In That says:

So fucking dumb

riddell26 says:

So was I as a straight white man raped when I got drunk at that party and my sober gf had to pick me up and then we had sex when we got home?


10/10 will rape again.

RainbowKittyGamer 007 says:

At least for once they actually mentioned men can be raped as well. And I not only the pedertor and never the victim victim's

phisher smith says:

0:04 to 0:11
me: Hold the F*CK up!

Sara Romero says:

You're guaranteed to be raped your first semester then commit suicide in the second, but your parents are still going to pay $70,000 a year for you to go there anyway? Why not just buy you a plane ticket to the Congo, it's much cheaper and definitely way safer. As Tucker Carlson once said after reading an article by a Harvard student who was repentant for calling a female hot, "Cambridge is no better than a Boko Haram camp!"


I in 5 is such BS, it’s one 56. The colleges with swarms of SJWs wouldn’t just suspend the accused for one day, an accusation of something like cat-calling or hitting on a woman would get them expelled.

Phoebe Gillette says:


Ieatpaste23 says:

If someone has sex with me because they pity me, it doesn't matter to me I still had sex.  So screw you left.

Masahiro Sakurai says:

Student debt has raped me MERCILESSLY. I FEEL VICTIMIZED!

Geek Queen says:

As a victim, this stuff irritates me.

Morgan Robins says:

How about these women conceal carry?

MST3Killa says:

By their logic, college and alcohol should be banned, right?

DrivingHousecat says:

For the first 10 seconds I thought it was an ad.

OlinCrazyGamer360 says:

curb your enthusiasm plays

darth rias gremory says:

This is why you don't allow feminists to run for an office because they will tell you that intentionally drinking and having sex is a rape going on. It's only rape in that instant if someone put a drug other than the expected alcohol in it.

Pax00Imperium says:

Ahem, sorry. Old video but holy shit do they ever try to amp up the fear. And they have no shame doing it, using made up stats as they please.

TheRisky9 says:

One of the issues is that they wanted colleges to take a more active role in rape cases, when it should have been a legal matter, investigated by the police. So they are basically complaining about issues in a system they created.

ThatOneDude says:

Wait… men are still allowed in college?

rekrn12345 says:

Yea so none of these girls are going into college as a "virgin" lol. The entire premise fell apart right there.

thelittlest potato says:

I was raped as a 10-year-old boy and this is super fucked up that they're making light of such a topic. But then again…they are probably the same idiots that say a male cannot be sexually assaulted. I really wish they would do some actual research​ before they go spouting out that if you're a male (and I've heard of any age from an infant to a 100-year-old) then you're a rapist and deserve to die. Will this madness ever end?

John Holborn says:

The "Left" works tirelessly to make those stats real! For example, as is Now well known;
The Vast MAjority of US Mass Shooters have turned out to be Democrat (aka Socialist) supporters on Psychotropic Drugs SHOWING Everyone the 'dangers' of public guns!
Or, am I the only one who notices when the Left wants 'diversions', conveniently, for the Left, a mass shooting happens. And, THEN, the Socialist Propagandists use this event created by a drug crazed socialist to DEMAND GUN CONTROL, as the Socialists want. Only Socialists are to have weapons. Oddly enough, EVERY Time the Socialists confiscate all guns (for peace) an artificial, yet deadly, man made famine happens which starves millions of political rivals and their families to death. See: USSR, Nazi Germany, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Venezuela, etc

That Guy Again says:

My Older, felon, half brother tried to molest me until I punched his dick!

I'm not joking.

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