How good are the US Military vehicles in Afghanistan?

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Happy Memorial Day from VINwiki. Dan Berschinski served in the US Army in Afghanistan in 2009 and got familiar with the strengths and limitations of some of the vehicles deployed there. Today he shares some of the consequences of their limitations.

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Doug Parker says:

Thank you for your service sir from another army veteran.

Ethan Shepard says:

You’re a true hero. Thank you for your service.

CarCrazyRDM says:

"Thank you" seems grossly inadequate for describing how much we all owe you, others like you, and your families but none the less, thank you and bless you for your service and sacrifice.

Maxwell Ritz says:

Jonathan Laurel?

MC Polž says:

murders … cold murders

George papageorgiou says:

Thank u for ur service…what an inspiration

Jessica Bouchard says:

God bless him

Mark K says:

Good story , thanks for ur service.

Uncertain Logic says:

It's amazing he's still with us today after such a massive injury. Thank you for your service.

xMrBarney says:

We thank you for your service, Dan. Thank you

Corprin Johanson says:

but Lt. Dan, I thought you was in the 9th ID?!?!? Keep up the positive attitude and good fight sir… and go get you some $1 Chinese food and House of Teriyaki, it soothes the wounded heart!

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