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Jane Patel says:

Still think you're amazing – especially at the gym – I'm a lazy so and so, you do tons more than me and I don't have cancer!
Keep going girl, you are just SO inspiring. When people talk about fighting cancer – what you do is exactly that. Sending huge love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Christine Wiseman says:

If you need a break sweetheart, than you bloody well take it, love you gorgeous xxx

Jennifer Crowley says:

Emily, you are amazing!!! I’m so impressed that you still have an incredible attitude. That is half the fight…the mental game. Don’t give up. Prayers for you and Aisha daily.

Niki -Beauty Inspired says:

Day at a time Emily. Life's a rollercoaster and so is cancer. You are doing so great. Sending love to you and Aisha xx

Ali Moore says:

Sleep all you need and just be your real self. It's totally understandable that you feel shit and not up to vlogging. You are such a fighter xx

Kerry Horrocks says:

Awww Emily it’s a rough ride for you don’t worry about how interesting your vlogs we all watch coz we love watching you and Aisha xx

Tomahawk1999 says:

its okay if you are boring sometimes, we have donald trump to entertain us 24/7. hope u get well emily and beat the crap out of this cancer

Lorie M says:

keeping you in our prayers and thoughts, you do what feels best for you, we send our love, never feel pressure to blog,, this is time for you to take care of you!

Tara Cole says:

Oh Em, I’m so sorry you’re feeling down at the moment! You have absolutely every right to! It’s great you’re aware of it and why and you’re trying to combat it! You are still an inspiration to me whether you sleep all day or not! Lots of love from NY!

lucy cripps says:

Emily if you need to rest you should rest babe. Your positivity is going to get you through this ❤️

joanne Pauley says:

I tried to comment last night but for some reason, my mobile wouldn't let me. Emily, you post vlogs when you feel like it. Yep, we will miss them but you need to tell your story the way you need to tell it. The wedding adrenaline rush and backing off the steroids is probably playing a part in how you are feeling. Your treatment will also. Your body is fighting a huge battle. which is why you feel tired. Emily, you are young and strong, we are all with you and want the best for you and Ashia. You have done amazingly well, and you have such a positive attitude but you don't always have to "entertain" us. (((HUGGS)))

I am Not Negan says:

Do what you can when you can Emily! I’ll wait here for you!

Jan Edmunds says:

You never let your optimism sink to the level of your pain. Stay brilliant, dear one!!

GamingTvx1 says:

I love seeing your videos! Your videos are a gift to us, don't feel obligated.

helen weight says:

Dont mind at all that you cant vlog every day, just glad that we can see you sometimes to keep up with your health news. You dont have to entertain, just let us know how you are feeling. We get worried about you when we dont see you, but once a week is absolutely cool, if its easier for you hunny xxx

valerie labruzzo says:

I just wanted to say I don’t watch cause you will post only exciting stuff 🙂 , I watch cause of the person you are or try to continue to be ! I watch cause I know that I’m watching something about someone knowing it can’t be easy for you all the time 😉 I watch knowing one day ( hopefully long from now ) I won’t be able to . It’s like I’m there for someone even though I don’t know you lol . I don’t care what you post I’ll watch i like checking in and see how your doing . Try not to weepy about what watchers will like as long as its something u want to share even if not exciting . You will have hard days to come but I just want u to know I’m still will watch ! I hope your having a good day 😉 stay positive your way better at it then I am lol

selah777 says:

Wishing you the best Emily. YOU ARE so strong. From New Jersey.

parpea says:

Emily and Aisha , hope you recognize what an inspiration and encouragement you both are! We don’t watch to be entertained, we watch to come along side … to show support and love… I’m preparing for total knee replacement ( I’m also a two time cancer survivor… including being told at age 28 it would kill me… I’m an ancient 60 now…. ) Here are some things I do because of you:
Address my family as “you lot “
Sudden love of kiwi -skin on
Refuse to complain about physical therapy
Get my *ss to the gym, even when I don’t feel like it ..(WWED) what would Em do?
Tell lots of friends to pray for my “friends “ Emily and Aisha as they battle cancer
Worry when there hasn’t been a new vlog. When you tell us how you are feeling, those of us so inclined know what to pray for….
You are amazing.,,,

Sandra Moody says:

You do what’s be for you

Diana Murray says:

Em have you read Tiff Young’s story today on sky news? Just thought I’d draw your attention to it! She was given 4 weeks to 1 year with terminal cancer and told there was no further treatment available for her. She took alternative treatments including fasting certain foods cannibis oil and some machine? She’s now cancer free!! Please have a look, whilst I agree with conventional meds I wouldn’t close my eyes to any alternative treatment which shows such results! Just a thought pet. I hope today’s a better day for you xxx

Teresa Stephens says:

Oh sweet girl, we all just want to know that you are OK from day to day, we def don't need to be entertained, I feel safe to say we have all developed so much love for you and Aisha.

Sandra Moody says:

I want to see everyday you are important

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