LAST Chemo Treatment | Ringing the Bell | Breast Cancer | Episode 10

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Well after 12 rounds of chemo I am finally FINISHED! Check out this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at what its like to have chemotherapy treatments every week and to see me RING THE BELL!!

Thank God for helping me get through this part of the journey and healing my body by faith! Thanks to my amazing husband for being there for me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Thanks to my parents and family for all of their prayers and support. HUGE thanks to my mother-in-law for helping us each week after chemo. And of course thanks to my church family, friends, line sisters and love ones who have supported me, encouraged me and prayed for me throughout this journey. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! ❤️

My journey is not over. Still have surgery and radiation and of course healthy living. But at least this part is over!

Keep following me as I embark on my healthy living journey. I will be posting videos of healthy eating and fun exercises! Can’t wait!!

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(Filmed with my iPhone)


Victoria Love says:

I’m ringing that bell next week. I’m putting it on a JPay video gram for my son in OhioDOC (imin mas

Cindy Hernandez says:

Your beautiful smile, is really comforting. I’m waiting for results from my doctor, that’s going to determine wether or not I have to get Chemo. Don’t want it and I’m praying that I don’t have too. (Scared) but seeing your videos, gives me hope, and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Hawa Fofana says:

Congratulations! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will start chemo treatment in a few weeks. I came across your videos and you have inspired me ! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

HealthyGemini says:

So emotional ! So glad you RANG THAT BELL! Amen

Robyn Gaines says:

have not been diagnosed with breastcancer, but have cut my hair completely off a few times. My purpose
is hoping me, and my spouse both learn to cope. Seeing myself, just incase I did lose
all of my hair.

classy J says:

Ya I know im late but you did it girl! God be the glory!

Christina T. says:

I hope my center has a bell to ring!! 🙂

Lady A says:

I smiled just because you kept smiling. I love that Marsha! I am sooo grateful to God for blessing you through this process! thank you for sharing your journey with us. love you! Angie

Naturally_ree says:

congratulations on your last chemo!! How many did you have?

Amber Adams says:

may i ask what type of breast cancer you have?

Candice Dixon says:

Yay!!!!! Stay strong and keep pushing babe!!!

Asantewaa Asare says:

We are all here for you… Be blessed.

Alexa Meadows says:

Today was my last treatment as well

Anabell Chan says:

your smile make other people to be strong ☺ happy for you☺☺☺ god bless you☺☺☺

Crystal Johnson says:

Congratulations my sister!

Tamara Harris says:

Congratulations , I know what you going threw. I fought the battle last year. had both breast removed , now getting ready to get implants next week. it was a struggle but God brought me threw it all.

Kathryn Atkinson says:

Congratulations!!!!  You are amazing! Stay strong, stay prayed up!

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