Living with Lyme Disease

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Julia is diagnosed with Lyme disease. Initially she experienced fatigue and a fever but went undiagnosed. Two years later Julia lost the feeling in her legs and could no longer stay awake for more than 15 minutes.

Now Julia is just hoping her classmates accept her as she enters high school in a wheelchair.


Nik says:

If her age is off the clock…..

LoLuvLo says:

Awe poor baby girl. I feel terrible for her having to deal with this! This is a gofund me page that people need to start to help her get the things she needs.

Maquila Dora says:

1:19 I thought he meant the gang blood

Charlotte Segal says:

I have lyme disease too. I feel bad that she has to go through the same pain

Natalie Nichols Alam says:

Can’t she get antibiotics?!?!???,

fire boymachine123 says:

She looks just like my girlfriend

Katie Grooms says:

I have Lyme as well…. it affects every system of the body. It’s miserable. And hard to get doctors to listen. Harder to get rid of.

Raquel Rock says:

I also have Lyme disease and it affected my heart rate, rythem, blood pressure, digestion, and neurological. I want to meet this man who makes these films ♡♡♡ #Postural #Orthostatic #Tachycardia #Syndrome

Springfrappe 87 says:

I know what she’s going through I have Lyme disease too and sucks so much It makes me forget a lot of things it makes me go into these rages and I lost a lot of friends because of it It made me have a lot depression I’m still getting treatment I’m close to getting better

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