A Warning In The Last Stages Of Lyme Disease

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A Warning In The Last Stages Of Lyme Disease


Trace says:

Good video. Sad story. I feel this lady's pain, as my life has also been stolen, and I am still waiting… with all the symtoms, and no diagnosis.

Nancy Stone says:

I highly recommend going to http://www.lymephotos.com, it has helped a lot of people. Salt and Vitamin C will give you your life back. It is not a quick fix, but it does work. You will know after one week that the salt and C is working for you. Salt has been an antibiotic since the beginning of medicine and Vitamin C will rebuild your immune system.

GhostHunter _Gaming says:

This video does No justice to people who Truly are in the late stages. My wife is not able to walk outside like a normal person, as she suffers great pain continuously, and must wear a mask due to extreme sensitivities. The woman in this video is fortunate to have a relatively normal life

Robby B says:

I had a test immediately after my tick bite and when it came up negative, I thought I was okay. The Dr never bothered to tell me I would need another test down the road. After several months, I began to get extremely ill and now I have more bad days than good days. Some days I can't walk, I have depression, numbness and pain/cramps in my legs, I have brain fog, I've developed some stuttering and can't concentrate, can't sleep at night, I'm miserable. The only thing that happened to me to cause such a drastic downward spiral is that tick bite. Before that, I worked out, I was healthy and active, had no health problems. I have no insurance so if I have to pay for another test it's $250. And why bother if the Drs admit the tests are inaccurate a lot of the time? I'm not going on antibiotics anyway so instead, I am starting an herbal/homeopathy protocol. Ugh, this is horrible, it's like slowly dying, I feel like an 80 year old sick person most of the time. I'm hoping for some improvement with this protocol.

skulledmonte84 says:

1:28 Brutal is 100 % correct

Carol Wheatley says:

I was told I had chrons

M Night says:

Lyme is passed through sexual activity especially semen

Tootlems Farm says:

I suspect I have Lyme disease. Have had it for several years and getting worse. Today I can hardly walk and get tired very easily.
What is the best test to take to find Lyme?

Carter Gileau says:

i had this stuff for a month

Moe yes says:

im 13 and i have it

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