The Blockchain Effect On Healthcare: How #Blockchain Will Transform Healthcare In 25 Years

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Presented at the book launch of Dr. William Loging and colleagues at the NY Academy of Science in NYC

BOOK: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Drug Discovery and Development and can be found here for purchase –



Saif-ur-Rehman Muhammad says:

block of work lol

Grupo Financiero says:

Have you seen the DOCADEMIC ICO? They already have a working service in 20 countries and are putting patient data on a blockchain.

decaff says:

It’s incredible that tech guys think they know everything about healthcare.

Mark Yev says:

I like the way you think, but think about the future , we get there but then the goverment comes in takes over and we get to point were someone uses all that info agains people and humans.. Very scary . Watch the movie JUDGE DREDD when they talk to computer central who got all the information they getting and he got convicted in crime he didnt do. I know its just a movie but that is were its going. Central information that wouldnt be tempered with like you say. I am Mark. I like your videos here i will keep watch them.

darryl burton says:

Richie, great presentation. However, I think what was left unsaid is the economics of healthcare per both GDP/GNP; and that healthcare is unlike any other industry in regard to expectation. Nothing is more politicized; confusing or demanded by US consumers. As such, the type of transformation that you mention must be introduced to students in grade school as part of a broader scheme of economic course study. That's where the change paradigm must begin-the first 12 years. .It will make the follow on 13 years easier to understand.

Calkimchi says:

13:10 is where he actually starts talking about blockchain

Yuvrajsinh Vaghela says:

My colleague recently wrote an article on the same topic. I'm sending him this link. I guess he can definitely edit his article with some of your concepts.

Here is the link to his article:

Raita Sorin says:

At honest ! Very rare talk like this ! Why you didn't talked in 1991 like now? So then today we will be like that Picture with Futuristic Technologies that you had shown on 6:Min video

Jerome Pineau says:

Insanely compelling talk however no one ever addresses the massive amounts of storage and processing power needed to run these chains from a resource perspective. It's not clear there's even enough accessible storage mass on the entire planet to support a single industry chain much less a chain of chains. I suppose someone made the same argument for Internet decades ago but it's still a major hindrance wouldn't you say?

Machine Education says:

Some aspect of the lecture is wrong. We had blockchain from 1990 it is just distributed storage system. Also for mining problem, if you use tools such as hyperledger fabric, you don't have mining peers.

Hunter Tanous says:

Thanks Richie for another inspirational and incredibly informational talk. Placing control of information and data back into the hands of the custodian, in a system that is trusted and transparent, is transformational, to a level I know I can't even yet comprehend. And this is just one (very large) industry! Imagine what this could do to IP, artists, supply chain, retail, everything.
The question that keeps coming up for me (as I work in cloud content management), is how to combine the chain (filled with structured data) with the massive amount of unstructured data we see everyday. The Care Chain will be filled with a chronological time stamp of data – but that data can't be re-written, collaborated upon, or shared across the horizontal silos we now have. We'll have one "source of truth" but still have issues of duplication and inefficiencies as people attempt to collaborate on and work around the "source of truth." Example: Patient health history is on chain, but when institutions want to view DICOM images, edit or augment the prognosis of the doctor who last saw the patient, collaborate with experts in India, Canada and Czech at the same time to leverage global knowledge for the patient… how will we develop a system that facilitates a collaborative layer around the "source of truth" of the Care Chain?? Sorry for the brain dump but thanks for the inspiration!

Joe Schmoe says:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. Hippocrates. It's not just a saying it is the truth. Today science tells us why.

chintan shah says:

Amazing …one of the best Video seen ever in Blockchain in Healthcare … Thank you very much..

nitin guru says:

Amazing speech … loved it..

Carlo says:

Fascinating speech and ideas. Looking forward to seeing some of this innovation in the next few years!

Kimberley Kallio says:

Fabulous insight Richie! As a 4th year pharmacy student I think feverishly about the issues in healthcare and desperately wish to make an impact to change things. I do however, find that a common roadblock is the inability to show value to those who would put up the initial cost for such things, such as the ministry of health (I live in British Columbia). I gave a presentation to the BC Pharmacy Association Conference this year on technology in health care, using the cloud (how outdated of me!). In the next presentation by the ministry, they both praised the ingenuity of students, and made it abundantly clear that horizontal innovation was far from their minds.

It is clear that blockchain will save tons of money over time, but what are your thoughts on showing value to those who fund the initial costs?

Srikanth K says:

Amazing Richie. Did you mean that the Novartis case study where they use AWS on molecular compounds is dwarfish in comparison to what is possible with block chain?

Philip Francis says:

lol block of work… you mean proof of work

Anne Roberts says:

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