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I finally received my options access on Robinhood yesterday and decided to take advantage of the big market drop to test options vs. stocks return and the result was amazing! Receive more profitable alerts like this in my chat room! Join for free using my link below:

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Nitin says:

What is this other app you are using? Other than Robinhood. To track prices and trends?

GreifNation says:

I hope you sold bac

Tamba Niare says:

I bought a call. The value of the call has gone up. I am now up $800 but the value of the actual share for the stock is below the “break even price”. If I close out this option will I lose money?

Info Planet says:

I cant get my options call / puts limit orders filled. Could you do a live option trade as I might be doing it wrong :/

Michael Nasby II says:

What program are you using on pc

Carl Jones says:

I'm a Newb at this. Could you make a how to video on the Robinhood app step-by-step trading options.

panisher says:

Nice!! I am waiting behind 6000+ people on robinhood for option trade…:/

Masterpkerko says:

im confused on options …so at 3:54 on your video UDOW you have 1 contract.. how much money do you really have invested in that contract ? also basically you could lose 1,290,000? if the stock went to 0 dollars correct?

Guillermo Saldana says:

Great video! I started trading options today. What type of stock chart is this?

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