Tour de France Cyclist Makes Twitter Lose Its SH*T with Photo of Legs

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Pawel Poljanski showed the world what kind of toll the famed Tour de France can take on the human body, and the photo he posted of his legs sent the internet into a frenzy. We seriously didn’t know a person could have that many veins in one body.

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Bas Van Hal says:

Tor de fransj

Chris Hernandez says:

Cycling cycler

The Gunslinger says:

Yes and the name you’ll be DEEZ NUTS

Brad TheLad says:

Big smiley emoji

WannabeSwedish says:

Where was the " Twitter loses its sh*t" psrt

Trickshot Tricky says:

“Tour de FRENCE

dpm9a1 says:

i payed attention in biology class… i knew there were that many and more veins in the body…

FlowOverkill says:

Who else’s this the host is kinda hot

pawsomemarie 95 says:

His legs look like A LEAF

Billy Last name guy says:

You talk so fucking loud

Nawal Badr says:

the video starts at 0:58

your welcome

Jeremy 95 says:

This is one of the breast videos this channel has uploaded.

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