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Yemaya Seashell says:

Proud of you ask if drink water with lemon

Tonya Bullock says:

Your hair looks so pretty, hope the hand gets better!!

vevo maxx says:

Grandpa don't like a lot of talking. What happened to your hand? I must of missed a video.

April showers says:

Ashamed only if some don't loss lbs or change eating habits lol…

dcrelatives says:

sorry about your hand, loves the contacts. enjoy your weekend.

Tonya Morris says:

You need steches boo


Girl yes, ,I haven't had mines yet but I tell everyone I'm getting sleeved .LOL I can't wait too.. Do yo thang boo

Gratitude Olu says:

Is that your real eyes or surgery

Amhappy40 40 says:

Thanks so much Avis for being so honesty about how you lost weight. Hoping you nothing but the best on your weight lost journey..

Penny Crudup says:

Hi Miss Avis, It's nice when other people see that you've lost weight.
You kind see it yourself,
but sometimes it's not as noticeable until someone else mentions it. Then you be like okay. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you in the next video.

Lena Hatcher says:

sorry about ur hand baby girl….you do look great!

Dawn T says:

Oh almost forgot, I hope your hand feels better boo. I’m so sorry you got hurt mama! ❤️

Janesbaby says:

You look beautiful!!

Leann Castex says:

I watched your journey with vsg,u are very strong,u have kids other ppl around u eating whatever all da time but yet u continue to strive good bless

Shenika Owens says:

Omg I hope your hand heals because that look like it hurts.

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