Weekend Update: Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on Trump Tower Meeting – SNL

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Eric and Donald Trump Jr. (Alex Moffat, Mikey Day) address questions about who Don Jr. called during his meeting at Trump Tower.


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Marconer Hie says:

Snl is gonna have fun with the Trump's for years to come … The joke that they are ..

fejic says:

Who else only looked at Eric's face and gestures lol

Jeremy Einhorn says:

the SNL Trump Bros is becoming my all time favorite bit, it kills me every time

melissa saint says:

Despite being painfully offensive to them both, the SNL caricatures of the Trump brothers make them so loveable!

Chinenye Fierce says:

Did Eric say pornographic memory?

Skarica A says:

Even though I'm so sick of the political jokes, these two guys crack me up every time great job.

Josuel Ruiz says:

thanks..i enjoyed it that

MBA2804 says:

i live for alex moffat's eric trump

trey lyde says:

Lone highway trey

Montesama314 says:

Considering all these meetings the real Trump Jr. did, are we SURE Eric is the stupid one?

TheWaffleIronYak says:

"Look at all the hidden swastikas"

iridxnt says:

this was hilarious but also the last weekend update of the season and pete isn’t there ???

Will Zimmermann says:

Wow he can make his own pasta what a big boi

Adelaide McMillan says:

I don't think I have ever seen Mickey Dey break character before (see it at 1min31)

Jon Dunmore says:

This is a totally ridiculous portrayal! They've made Eric Trump way too smart.

Hating me is conforming says:

Even as a Republican I can say that shit is funny as hell.I love when they do the Trump sons.

A Shoe says:

LOL am i the only one who ships the snl trump bothers :< it's kinda endearing how kind don jr is to eric

killerbong says:

Eric's favorite chips are lead based.

Emily Bob says:

the high five bit was incredible

Kelly Kurt says:

I did miss the toilet. Sorry.

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