Options for Stock Market Beginners!

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Todays video is about options for stock market beginners. The stock market for beginners can be confusing, and stock options are about the most confusing thing in the stock market. I hope this video help you in understanding options.
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Financial Education says:

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ishan narula says:

if i buy stock at strike price of 180$ at 5$ each contract from may 2018 to dec 2018 with speculation of 210$.. if in between this 8 months of time period stock ever go down below 180$ will i still loose the whole amount i paid??please reply

Chez Blunts says:

When buying a put option, does the stock price have to be higher or lower than the break even price in order for you to profit?

Miljan Krkic says:

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David Wakenshaw says:

Hi, first off great video. I recently subscribed to your channel. I've only taken an interest in the stock market in the last few weeks. I have no idea really about any of it. Only that Caterpillar who I work for allows me to by shares in the company. The point I'm leading to is that I knew nothing before this video but I'm pretty sure I understand it, but with my inexperience I'm not sure if that's a good thing as I may be completely wrong. Any advice you could give please. I'll repay the favour one-day after I make my millions

AliRza VT says:

Thanks man! That helped me a lot. Sorry about your GoPro trade. Maybe it’ll double.

Shikaote ShikStorm says:

video starts at 3:00

marouani asma says:

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John Smith says:

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Tim Bice says:

I tried to listen….but my misophonia couldn't handle all the "guys."

Judy Derby says:

I need some advice quick! I have a put option that expires this Friday out of the money. I can't sell it because the option is selling at 5 cent increments, and its at 3 cents today. This is on Robinhood. Can somebody tell me what might happen on Friday?

Timo Ortiz says:

Great video. I made a youtube video on how to set up option spreads on Robinhood in one order. https://youtu.be/QllmFGP6hV8

Penerius Ween says:

How are you feeling about those GPRO calls?

JourneyWithCerney says:

Jeremy how did your voice change this much my man?

Catherine Rojas says:

You have done an amazing job breaking this down! thanks!

Dustin says:

For fucks sake guys, I had to stop watching half way through guys. This guy was driving me nuts guys. See you later guys.

Chris says:

So when you buy an option do you just pay the option price or do you also have to pay the strike price?

Ivysaur the Horrible says:

His explanations are so clear

Johnny Montana says:

When you said apple will take 100% of your money if it’s below the strike price they keep the 5 buck that you paid for the options or everything you have in your account?

Johnny Montana says:

Ok so apple is at 180 you buy call options for 5 by the end of the contract apple is at 195 so you get back 15 in total return. is that correct?? Can you by the same options multiple time to make more money?

K D says:

Who pays you the money you made in a put option ? The company itself?

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