Healthy Food!!!

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All of Katherine’s food keeps turning healthy!

Music: Bright Wish, Frost Waltz, Despair and Triumph
By: Kevin MacLeod


1 Minute Crafts says:

Katherine looks so funny when her snickers bar turned into a carrot.

Rajkumar Rai says:


kate hooper says:


Noelle Sung says:

I miss the old ssg girls

Nancy Orozco says:

Healthy food for me the doctor say good healthy on you on diet tomorrow

toys and doll are fun says:

I miss you guys so much please come back at ssg I miss you please come back. I'm crying right now. Please come back

Caitlyn Nuguid says:

Wow trix has really tricked you.

Ahah im not funny.

cami says:

oml the nostalgia

Carly Shepherd says:

That's crazy

fefe girl says:

that's how feel I'm not a fan of veggies

taharra roberts says:

Why do emotional change into vegetables food

Marcus Vlogger says:

I started watching seven super girls with this video and I got nightmares when I watched this because I was just little

Hu Yi Tian's Fan says:

Wate the shevol hapin to my banana

supermace 123 says:

Who's watching this in 2018 because I am

Random Girl says:

Remember when we were kids and like this kind of stuff , and going back seeing what happened makes me sad bc our favourite people have left my fav was ; Kaelyn , Katherine and Rachel . But the past is in the past(cue Let it go pls)

Ο κόσμος φτωχικος Μα η αγαπη στοργική says:

Me,watching this in 2018!!!!

Katia Calixto says:

A bike infeccións igual que George día 11

권진수 says:

I think it's good to eat healthy food!
But I don't usally eat healthy food^^
Sometimes I eat jelly chips and chocolate~

Lauren Moo says:

Colflour not coliflour but colflour

Natalia Grijalva says:


Paula Waugh says:

Ha ha woo

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VT vines says:

That is popcorn only

Brooklyn booshae says:

I love your vids

XOXO Popcorn says:

This is me … and my brother xD

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