Shh Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Having Weight Loss Surgery

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I get asked ALOT about did I tell close friends and family about my weight loss surgery before hand and when I did so here are my thoughts!

Did you tell everyone in your life about your weight loss surgery?

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Isabella A says:

Girl, I just wanna say you were one of my biggest helps during this entire process. I just had RNY this passed Monday, and because of your video that kept it real about the pain after surgery, I was able to mentally prepare for it more, cause girl SAME, that shit hurt like a motha! But not it’s Friday and I’m back home feeling way better. You’re my favorite bariatric social media person to follow. Love you much! My IG is: Christyk_rny

Suzan F says:

I told everybody, I am 54 yrs old & don't have time to waste on peoples opinions. I had RNY Sep 6, 2017 down 75 pds so far. My husband did it also Aug 2, 2017 he's down 120 pds. Best decision we have ever made. I bought me a bike & I'm working on learning to ride again Granddaughter is so excited. Do your research have the surgery & LIVE life again. God Bless

Ttk Jinadu says:

I love your makeup, interesting nice subject.

Nay Williams says:

Aww I feel the same way as far as not telling everyone. I go to that same location but my doctor is doctor Bello. My final is this Tuesday where I will get my surgery date.

Macy McCullough says:

My surgery date is June 11th! A month away! I have told family and friends but definitely don’t plan on telling social media just because of the backlash and hate we get from narrow minded people! I have definitely been watching your videos to kind of see how the aftermath of surgery is. I’m excited but a little nervous! I know it’s all for the best though! Keep up the good work on your weight loss you look great!

Kea Williamson says:

I had a bypass on the 23rd of April which was close to three weeks ago and I feel great! I only told my three best friends before I had it. Still haven't openly told anyone else yet but, these results are amazing! I'm down 21 pounds so far.

Stephany Kyer says:

I’m 2 months into the pre- op process and the only people who know are my sister and my best friend that also had wls. I plan on waiting until I have a date to tell my parents because, I know they will try to talk me out of it. As for the rest of my family, I don’t plan on saying anything. I love them, but they make comments of me being fat, and when I try to lose weight they make snide remarks too! I’m only 30, with a lot of health problems because of my weight and I can only focus on improving myself. Love your videos!

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