MUST HAVE timelapse software LRTimelapse explained

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Get your copy of LRTimelapse here
LRTimelapse is special timelapse software developed to help you fix timelapse flicker and to post process day to night timelapse sequences (holy grail timelapse sequences). It is extremely efficient, very well developed and can save timelapse shots that you thought were ruined. I’ve been using this software for over 6 years now and I swear by it. I made this video because I get a lot of questions about which software I use and what I would recommend to others. This isn’t an ad, although if you decide to purchase the software through my link I might get a little percentage of the sale (which helps me make more videos!)
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— Frequently Asked Questions —
What do you do for a living?
– I am a commercial timelapse photographer. This means people or brands hire me to produce timelapse or hyperlapse footage. Some of my clients include Canon, Samsung, Microsoft, Ford, Tourism Australia, Dubai, Vanuatu Philippines, etc.
– I live in Sydney, Australia. I moved here from Antwerp, Belgium in 2013 in the pursuit of love and adventure! Ja, ik spreek nederlands.
What gear do you use?
– I use a lot of Canon cameras, mainly the 1DXII and 6DII with a ton of lenses. Check out for more gear.

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Matthew Vandeputte says:

Get your copy of LRTimelapse here
FREE DOWNLOAD Hyperlapse tutorial PDF file:
Full hyperlapse tutorial:

Strages says:

hey matthew, how about drone timelapses, and drone holy grail timelapses?

mammuthone says:

You definetely kill the timelapse game! Awesome!
Matthew, I got a Canon 80D and a 1100D(yeah, a fossil). Do you suggest to use the 1100D for shooting timelapse? I'm scared to use too much the 80D sensor with a lot of shots to produce every timelapse…Thanks

GiTxSHuM says:

Thanks for sharing this. I got exhausted editing photo per photo and gave up in time lapse back then. This brings me light.

Camillio says:

Timelapse tutorials on Twitch would be awesome!

handyparts says:

Maybe one day lrt will be subscription based @$10 A mth got sucked into buying adobe cs6 @ over $4000 and now it is subscription based only now

Bart Ros says:

Great information here. I own LR timelapse. But I never actually used it 2 weeks ago I shot a timelapse of about 600 images going from golden hour to late bluehour. I do not see any flicker however. Not this time at least. It might be my camera model or lens? I did not do much in Premiere either. Maybe just luck.

garrick mclaughlin says:

gotta get me a copy. does the pro version offer a lot over the regular license for the price?

Matt Hogg says:

It pairs nicely with QDslrDashboard ( to control the camera settings.

Matt Ireland says:

I own Lrt4 and use it on a pretty regular basis, it’s a god sent. Is there any real need for me to buy lrt5, what benefits do you get out of it? Curious to hear your perspective. Also would you ever do a short, advanced lrt tutorial on different tips and tricks ?

Micro Four Nerds says:

I love LrTimelapse it saves lives. I'm still using the free version, but I've started trying the holy grail timelapses now, so I need more than the 400 shot limit on the free version!

Giuseppe Pipia says:

Now, it would be really nice if camera manufacturers would add a menu option that would let us timelapse photographers to close and lock the diaphragm blades for how long we need, after we have chosen the aperture setting. It would be only that little option that would make shooting timelapse much much better. Because no lens is free of this issue, and sometimes you need to go through the sequence a couple of times to get it smooth. When you have 500 frames, and an oldish computer (I'm working on a 4k50p timelapse now on a 2009 MacBook Pro), you actually feel that slow down!

Cheers from Italy! 🙂

Flat Enough says:

Informative, thank you for sharing.

HeadNorthMedia says:

Just had my first Flicker issue and was like WTF
Thanks for the hook up, Downloading Now!

RowlWool says:

Wow interesting stuff? I need to look into it.

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