5 Cool Software That Make Your PC Better! 2018

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There is cool software for your Windows computer that can make your PC better. The Windows operating system has never been great for customization. Thankfully, there are programs that can help you to tweak and customize Windows to suit your needs. I will show you 5 cool software that provide you with additional tools to improve your overall experience on your Windows computer. This will include software to enhance the layout of your desktop, and programs that keep your stuff better organized.

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“Software” Playlist

0:30 Desktop customization tool.
2:07 Organizes your desktop shortcuts and icons.
3:42 Spruce up your folders.
4:49 Reduces eye strain.
5:54 Changes the desktop interface.

Folder Marker

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TechGumbo says:

What is your favorite program that changes the look of your desktop or keeps your stuff organized? My favorite is "Fences". Those of you that have ever had your desktop folders and shortcuts scrambled after updating your graphics card drivers will know why… Thanks for watching 🙂

Soulaesthete says:

Nice video, TechGumbo! I'm interested in "Fences" and will be giving it a try. I already use "Folder Marker" and like it a lot. If you right-click on a folder and choose "More icons… " you get a few more colors to choose from. Also, their website has a set of 7 "CB patterned colors that you can download for free.

Teresa White says:

Great suggestions. Check out diigo.com. Diigo works as a bookmarking app plus it allows you to add a note as a kind of annotation to help you remember why you bookmarked that site. Plus, you can add tags to help you retrieve the info when you need it. It even allows you to edit the annotation and tags anytime -all free of charge. Thanks, TechGumbo guy!

Sherylin Matthew says:

I made a special folder just for your videos. And if you keep this up I might have to make a partition sheesh. LOL 🙂
Deviant Art, I have used that I think since the first year it started.
And except for flicker, it is the only website I trust for wallpapers.
I have never had a problem with that site.

Rainmeter is something I played with when I was trying out Jarvis.
A VERY col program.
I have not tried Window Blinds since windows 98 LOL. LONG time.

The others I do not know but I am willing to give them a try.
Fences looks particularly cool 🙂

Ok well you screwed up my week yet again. If not for you I might get some work done LOL 🙂

Good job, another great video. Keep up the good work 🙂

Jeffrey White says:

Can you do a vid on best tune up programs

weehawk says:

Cool new intro/graphics!

Baha Kalai says:

This Is One Of The Best Informative Video I've Seen. I Didn't Know Any Of These Programs (Except For F.lux)! I'm Amazed And Impressed! Thank You, TechGumbo! By The Way, The WindowBlinds And Fences Programs Are Outstanding! I'll Give Them A Try.

Baha Kalai says:

Now That I Discovered The Folder Marker Program, I've Got To Say Thank You Very Much! I Really Like This Software Because I'm Also A Person Who Likes Organizing And Better Recognizing My Folders. I Really Needed This Software!

Baha Kalai says:

I Like The Deviant Art Website As Well. There Is So Much Skins & Wallpapers To Choose From There. It's Good To Know That I Share The Same Taste With You In Terms Of Skins & Wallpapers. I Always Prefer A Space-Related Wallpaper/Skin, It's Such An Elegant Choice In My Opinion.

Baha Kalai says:

I've Got To Admit That Your New Intro Is Uniquely Awesome! Good For You, My Friend! I Always Knew That Subscribing To This Channel Is A Great Decision.

PC Techbot says:

Love the new intro

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